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How to make a key rug with support

How to make a key rug with support

I am a little ham-fisted (heh) with my key at times and needed something to keep it in place. Magic Cover Grip works great. I cut a piece 4 inches wide and 20 inches long, rolled up the excess for a wrist rest, and glued the roll together with Liquid Nails Perfect Glue 1. The […]

Antenna 1 Wind Storm 0

My antenna survived the big wind storm of December 2006. Our power was knocked out for four days. We were luckier than some who’s power was out for seven or more days. I use a ground mounted SteppIR BigIR on a tip-over mount. When the wind came up, I took the antenna down. Deed restrictions […]

Worked CQWW CW with good results

I do not run a big gun station with my 0.001 KW and ground-mounted vertical so I have the best luck with search and pounce. If I hear DX before the pileup starts, then I can make the contact most of the time. I worked more of Asia this year than I expected to. I […]

Worked the ARRL November Sweepstakes

Just finished the ARRL November Sweepstakes CW contest. I logged 194 Qs doing entirely search and pounce with no assistance. I still feel like a winner. Admittedly, it’s a little cowardly to do the entire contest by scanning the bands. One motive is that you know pretty well for sure whether you can copy the […]

Accuprobe kit is in the can

Accuprobe kit is in the can

I finished the Accuprobe kit from the NorTex QRP Club. This is the fourth kit I have built this month. Building the Accuprobe falls squarely into the beginner category for small kits. Assembling the circuit board was dead simple but the project box was a little more complicated. I spent quite a bit of time […]

SMD Soldering, My First Try

SMD Soldering, My First Try

I finished my first kit with SMD parts, the Mcount kit from Jackson Harbor Press, and it works too. It was very satisfying to hear the device sound out FB when I applied power. For the first power application, I ran the current through my DVM to make sure the power draw was OK. The […]

How to make free, pocket-sized quick references

Knit together these free tools to create handy pocket references for your rig, HT, DIY gadgets, or whatever. The parts list for this project consists of PDFtoPocketMod, PrimoPDF or another free PDF creator, and Google Docs. A PocketMod is a small book that you print out and fold. The ingenious layout of the book gives […]

Now Playing! Morse code

For fun, I’m adding Morse code to the end of my articles. The player will remain until it breaks after which I will just leave a link to the MP3 files. The code will consist of excerpts from my articles and be sent at 18 WPM for now. The CW sound files are generated with […]

How to break a CW barrier?

I read this in the Solid Copy CW Yahoo group today and it deserves to be quoted in its entirety: Most of us have experienced the problem (been plagued with it?) of dwelling on a missed character to the point of missing the next several in a row. Using the following exercise I totally eliminated […]

Download my CW practice files

I mashed these files together from a mix of various text files from several sources. Feed these files into your CW practice software and learn to recognize some common words and exchanges. My practice tends to favor contest exchanges but I included a file of short words. At this time, I’m working on recognizing words […]