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NorCal Marker Generator is best first project

NorCal Marker Generator is best first project

The NorCal Marker Generator is touted as a good first project for budding home-brewers. I agree because there are not a lot of ways to mess this one up. I think I found one way, though. I couldn’t tell if the marker was working at first and it probably wasn’t. So after I finished the […]

The NorCal Keyer kit works great

The NorCal Keyer kit works great

Building the NorCal Keyer kit was fun and I got a burst of construction experience. The device worked right away; keys the rig and everything. I appreciate the help of Rich Patrick, KR7W, who suggested the project and gave me some soldering pointers. Also, Warren Young’s free videos on soldering were a terrific find. These […]

Great find: Videos on how to solder

If you are just getting started building electronics kits, the Tangentsoft site is brilliant. Warren Young, “Tangent” of Tangentsoft, has written several articles on building DIY audio projects. His articles mesh perfectly with homebrew QRP projects, even though his focus is on audio amplifiers. The article, “Getting Started in Audio DIY,” covers tools for circuit […]

Melting Solder without getting burnt

I dusted off the old soldering iron and melted some solder. My first project was the NorCal club marker generator. The experience reminded me how building kits is both fun and frustrating. The marker generator kit is dead simple to build and the instructions are really good. With any kit, my biggest pet peeve is […]

Workin' a little CW

I worked a handful of stations during the Texas QSO party. This time, I could hear more stations than I could work. Obviously, Texas is a big state and there are a ton of counties, 254. The size of the state has little to do with how many counties there are, though. Georga has 159, […]

eQSL and LoTW make QSL cards easy

eQSL and LoTW make QSL cards easy

I’m posting my logs on eQSL for fun. Here’s what my e-QSL card looks like. Work me during a contest or some other time and I’ll be sending you one. I’m also posting all of my contacts in Logbook of the World. Please QSL using one of these sites because it’s fun, easier than paper, […]

Washington State QSO party: The Salmon Run

I managed to make enough contacts to submit a log for this year’s Salmon Run contest. The minimum is 100 Qs for in-state stations and I exceeded the minimum by twenty or so. We’ll see how many after scoring is done. I may have gone a little crazy with band changes. I worked this contest […]

My FISTS Number is 12630

I joined The International Morse Preservation Society FISTS CW Club. My XYL asked if that was another one of those comb-over clubs. At least that’s what I heard her say. I don’t qualifiy for a hair club, though, its a Morse code club for amateur radio. What’s the difference, she asks. Listen for another weak […]

Icom IC-718 HF is a great value

My old IC-728 went deaf. It was if there was no antenna attached at all. Instead of getting the old rig repaired, I negotiated with Congress for funding for a replacement. After all, the 728 was old when I bought it in 2000 on Ebay. I have been saving for a 756 PRO III but […]

North American Sprint – the good, the bad, and the ugly

Good: I made 10 times more contacts in this sprint than the last one I tried; 50 Qs vs 5. Also good, the conditions were terrific. I could hear and pretty much work all of North America. Bad: I’m still bad at Sprint contests. I just don’t have the rhythm down yet. I would finish […]