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N1MM to Morse Runner connector bug fix

This is a bug fix version of the N1MM to Morse Runner connector. The script was not working correctly when ESM mode was off in N1MM. I added a few convenient keys too: Alt-G starts Morse Runner competition mode and calls the first CQ Alt-X stops Morse Runner F12 clears all fields and does F3 […]

Updated! N1MM and Morse Runner connector script

I updated my script that connects Morse Runner to N1MM so that the call does not repeat. From tons of feedback that I got (well, three people) the number one request was to stop repeating the call at the end of a QSO before the QRZ. The number two request was for a SO2R simulation […]

Asotin County here we come

Asotin County here we come

I will be working CW during this year’s Washington State QSO party the ‘Salmon Run,’ from Asotin County with the South Hill Contest Club, N7PP. Dude, I’m totally stoked. Asotin County is in the remote South East corner of Washington. From just above where we are operating, you can see into Idaho and Oregon. Check […]

Simulated contesting with N1MM and Morse Runner

Simulated contesting with N1MM and Morse Runner

What do you get when you mix N1MM, Morse Runner, and AutoHotkey? Simulated contesting fun, that’s what! Logging the Qs with N1MM gives you a chance to see how the super check works, tells you what country the call is from, and lets you track all of the multipliers. Given enough time, you could try […]

Morse Runner Demo Video

I recorded this little video to demonstrate Morse Runner.

N1MM Recordings from CQ WPX 2007

N1MM can be set up to record all of your QSOs during a contest. I converted a few of them to MP3s and made them available for downloads here. Put them on your portable MP3 player for hours of entertainment… or at least listen to one or two for the novelty. The links are available […]

The K1EL WinKeyer2 USB kit was a slam dunk

It only took a little over two hours of careful building to complete my new K1EL WinKeyer USB. The high quality PC board made assembly very easy because the pads were tinned so well. My only complaint is that the box lacked attention to little details but that does not detract from how well these […]

WinKeyer Class Library for .NET 2

I’m writing a .NET class library to connect to WinKeyers for programs written with one of the .NET languages. Have a look at the WinKeyer Library for .NET 2 page and download the library. Try it out in the free VB.NET Express 2005 programming environment or Visual Studio 2005 from Microsoft. I would love to […]

Field Day 2007: Up all night workin' 80

I was the 80 Meter station captain during the field day event at the W7DK site. Every year I learn something new at field day and this year was no different. I’m not used to working an entire 24 hour event. When I participate in contests at home, I only have time for two to […]

Boost your CW speed with the new Rufz, RufzXP

The venerable Rufz CW trainer only ran under DOS for years. As a devoted CW student, I have used almost every CW trainer available and was disappointed that I could not successfully use Rufz for DOS. When searching the internet for CW training programs, Rufz always comes up near the top of the list. Now […]