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Papa's got a brand new call! K7OG

Papa's got a brand new call! K7OG

The FCC granted my application for the call sign K7OG. I’m really excited and am running to the radio right now to call CQ on every band. My friend Harry K7LAZ was on the instant messenger when I got the news and became my first contact as K7OG on 2008-12-30 at 0548 GMT. Does that […]

Papa's got a brand new Q

I know there are many who dislike this kind of QSO but I’m hooked for now. I’ve been calling CQ WAS for a couple of days now and I’m really enjoying it. Not every QSO needs to be a little rag-chew. Your typical DX QSO only lasts a few seconds for a quick RST, fake […]

The application is in–let the waiting begin.

The application is in–let the waiting begin.

Before I applied for one, I read everything about vanity calls. I went to every web site that deals with finding a vanity call. On the day I found the AE7Q web site, what seemed to be a good call was canceled and therefore available. I was exactly two years plus one day past the […]

Oh Gee: I want a vanity call sign

I finally gave in and applied for a vanity call sign. When I was licensed as an extra class amateur, I had the option of keeping my FCC assigned technician call, KD7GUN, or taking the next incremental extra class call sign. I chose the latter. I was tired of being teased for being gun this […]

Working Domestic DX

Last night I had a lot of fun working the ARRL 10M contest from home at night – when the band was almost totally closed. A group of contesters and DXers were grouped together sort of half rag chewing half contesting and half working simulated DX. On 10 meters at night, South Dakota is DX, […]

Salmon Run QSO Party 2008 Results

Salmon Run QSO Party 2008 Results

Here’s the tale of the tape: The little trip we made to Garfield last September bagged another box of smoked salmon for the South Hill Contest Club, N7PP. Reflecting back, the score isn’t the biggest thrill to me. I’ll remember the time we spent shivering together on Mount Misery long after I have forgotten the […]

Operated CQ World Wide CW with N7BV

I had the great pleasure of meeting some new friends this last weekend during CQWW CW. I had limited time to spend working the contest and really pushed the limits with time away from the family during a holiday. My operating hours were limited to 19:00 PST to 01:00 PST. Early on Sunday I worked […]

Hidden N1MM Feature: Partner Logging

I had no idea you could do this…. I was checking out Win-Test and noticed the partner logging function. What’s this? The documentation for Win-Test is pretty good and I got an excellent idea what partner logging is all about. I checked the N1MM documentation and found the same feature without much explanation of how […]

AC7FA Tries Just Rolling With It

So here I was working a side band contest…. I really haven’t seriously worked any SSB in a long time and decided it was time. The Radio Club of Tacoma, W7DK, opened the clubhouse for the contest and even fired up the old Drake desktop amp. After dinner, I went on out to see what […]

Down 10…

… pounds that is. This is a bit off topic but hang in there with me. You have to admit that when one gets to a certain age, health issues come up in conversation more and more; you know, beyond the usual, ‘how are you doing.’ At the W7DK club meetings, a standard agenda item […]