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Lucky VK9DWX Contact

I was very lucky and caught the VK9DWX DXpedition on 15M CW. My rig here is 100W to a ground mounted vertical at about sea level in Western Washington. On a lazy Saturday morning, like many hams I’m sure, I was just tuning around to see what I could hear. On 15M I stumbled on […]

WASR: Washington QSO Party with N7PP

WASR: Washington QSO Party with N7PP

N7PP worked all counties, worked all states minus RI, worked all provinces minus AB and NT, and worked 100 DX contacts with more than 40 of them SSB. We set up the expedition in Garfield county, 46deg 7min 30.21sec N by 117deg 28min 39.12sec W. Grid square: DN16gd. The USGS calls the place Mount Misery […]

Alaska Quarter Surprise!

Alaska Quarter Surprise!

The United States Treasury released the newest commemorative quarter-dollar this month. Imagine my surprise when I took a really close look at the details. Lipstick!

Salmon Run QSO Party 2008

While the real run of Fall King and Silver Salmon goes through late September on the Columbia River, this weekend brings the radio equivalent, as the Salmon Run continues an active stretch of State QSO Parties. NS3T on the Salmon Run for The second annual Salmon Run fund raiser for the Radio Club of […]

N1MM Smoke Test for Salmon Run

On Labor Day, I got together with Nick, K7MO, and Harry, K7LAZ, to smoke test our N1MM network setup. The CW and SSB stations will be connected using two NETGEAR WG102 access points in bridge mode with two little wired ethernet switches at each end. The best thing that happened was that one of the […]

Ken Burn's Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio

Though Empire of the Air is not about amateur radio specifically, the film does present an interesting look at three major players during the early days of radio David Sarnoff, Lee de Forest and Edwin Howard Armstrong. The film does not delve deeply into the technical aspects of radio so much as the interactions between […]

High Tech in 1924

The cutting edge for instant messaging in 1924. I can’t resist thinking about how far communication has come and certainly how far it will go.

Be Prepared: County Expedition in WA

N7PP has taken on the challenge of setting up a multi-two, high power expedition for the Salmon Run. The plan now includes placing the two stations some distance apart and networking the logging computers using WiFi. We will run N1MM just as we did last year with the two stations networked together. This year, there […]

WA QSO Party – The Salmon (will) Run Down Hill

WA QSO Party – The Salmon (will) Run Down Hill

N7PP is planning to operate during the Washington State QSO Party a.k.a. the Salmon Run from Garfield County. Since radio waves roll down hill and the camp will be above 6000 feet, everyone should hear us right? Look at this magnificent site. Oh. And it’s called Mount Misery.

Field Day Thoughts: Good 80M, Challenging 15M

Challenging conditions on 15M didn’t spoil the fun at Field Day this year. In spite of the extended solar minimum, we made 32 CW contacts and 54 SSB contacts. A good many of the SSB contacts were made by two kids under 18 years of age. The GOTA station has operators in search and pounce […]