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Salmon Run Site Location

Salmon Run Site Location

“The Wheat Field” is what the USGS map says our Salmon Run location is. From the photos, it doesn’t look like much wheat is there at all. In this picture, you can sort of see the end of the Forest Service road that leads up to the camp. The US Geological Survey provides quadrangle maps […]

Salmon Run 2009 With N7PP

The N7PP multi-two county expedition will be in Columbia county this year. We will be camping again this year but about 1,000 feet lower than last year. View a Map From the photos, the site looks beautiful with scrub pines and a grassy meadow. I suspect we will practically own the Salmon Run this year. […]

I built a PFR-3

I built a PFR-3

I struggled with the construction of the PFR-3 I received for my birthday. I really wanted to get it done two weeks after getting it so I could take it with us on a camping trip but could not get enough hours in a row to do it. Chuck, AC7QN, loaned me his for our […]

WriteLog Contest Module Development – New Free Tools

I didn’t think it could be done but leave it to clever programmers…. You can use the free Microsoft Visual C++ Express Edition to compile WriteLog mult-modules! Follow the instructions in this Code Project page. NOTE: the WriteLog Contest Wizard with *NOT* run because it does not work with Visual Studio 2008. I installed VC++ […]

WriteLog contest module development – Part 6: Contest Parameter Dialog Box

In the last part, I posted a link to the source code of the module up to this point. The code compiles and creates a working module. Have a look. The contest module needs some information from the op, namely their SKCC number and QTH. This dialog box is in the resources for the project. […]

WriteLog contest module development – Part 5: Supporting Structures

A couple of easy but important changes need to be done to this structure in SKCCWESmm.h. Leave the MAXIMUM_BANDS constant alone. We will return to the very important CONFIG_LENGTH constant defined here due to its use in other parts of the module. Defing MAX_NAMED_MULTS to match the number of mults named in the module’s INI […]

WriteLog Contest Module Development – Part 4: The Exchange Entry Box

This series of blog posts started in part 1 where I listed the tools you will need. At this point, you should have a module that compiles, shows up in the list of contests in WriteLog, and can run in the debugger. In this part, we’ll shape up the exchange input and define what a […]

WriteLog Contest Module Development – Part 3: The Code

In the previous part, I worked through the easiest of the TODO items and ended up with a contest module that will compile. If you are just picking up this series of articles here, may I suggest you start at Part 1 where the tools are described. First, lets look at the terrain from a […]

WriteLog Contest Module Development – Part 2: The Contest Wizard

WriteLog Contest Module Development – Part 2: The Contest Wizard

In part 1, I outlined the tools you will need to write a contest module for WriteLog. At this point, the steps needed to set up the wizard have been done. If not, review the WriteLog contest wizard read-me file to install the template, set the Path in the Windows environment, etc. The Contest. Look […]

WriteLog Contest Module Development – Part 1: The Tools

WriteLog is the only leading contest logging program offering an open contest module development process for anyone with programming skills that is willing to dig in. I have traveled through the process and now I’d like to present where I’ve been and offer a map of the trail. The Tools Programming skills I have a […]