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WriteLog – A New Old Logging Program

I operated at a big-gun contest station, W7VJ, where they use WriteLog therefore, I’m re-familiarizing myself with it. Three years ago, I gave up Writelog because N1MM had finally matured to the point where, at least, it didn’t crash all the time and the price was right. WriteLog has a large share of the contest […]

Did you miss me? My family did.

Ah yes. It is hard to balance the time spent with the family, work, and hobbies. Here is a quick summary of where my radio adventures have taken me in the last couple of months: With the help of Bruce, AD7WV, I have been trying to figure out why my MFJ Cub puts out less […]

Keying Three Ways

I use three methods to key my rig: an Iambic paddle, a bug, and the keyboard. I’m not really counting the J-38 strait key since it’s rarely connected. Lately I’ve been using the bug so much that I was loosing touch with the paddles. While listening for stations I haven’t worked during the K3Y operating […]

Load up little pistols. This contest is for you.

Mix together the NCCC Thursday sprint with a little World Radiosport Team Championship and a little sailing regatta handicapping and you get the Locust QSO Party. Rick, K6VVA a.k.a. The Locust, organized the first LQP to celebrate his 50th anniversary as a ham. 2009 will be the third running of the “LQP – 52st Anniversary […]

Wooot! K7OG Will Certainly Make It To K5ZD's Partial Check DB

I know K7OG will be K5ZD’s super check partial lookup database because I worked K5ZD during the ARRL RTTY Round Up. Hah! I don’t have to depend on submitting a log or hoping for some other operator to submit their log. The RTTY Round Up contest was pretty fun. Just casually, I worked over 100 […]

2009 Strait Key Night

2009 Strait Key Night

I made a contact with this Drake 2B receiver and 2NT transmitter from the Radio Club of Tacoma’s Clifford J (Doc) Spike Antique Radio Museum. Rich Patrick KR7W wrote in the soapbox comments for the ARRL web site: On top of the desk is a home brew link coupled antenna tuner inspired from a late […]

Call Sign Identity Crisis

Call Sign Identity Crisis

Radio amateurs invest a lot into their call sign, both emotionally and financially. A ham call sign is an absolutely unique, government registered, globally recognized name. Hams have a lot of pride for their call sign and hold it dear. They also invest in ways to display their call sign: QSL cards, car license plates, […]