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Insomnia Has Benefits

Insomnia Has Benefits

I woke up in the middle of the night and worked Christmas Island and a couple other countries. Sleeplessness with benefits.

Mixing the K3, a K1EL keyer, and Writelog

I worked through the settings I need to get Writelog 10.83 working with my rig setup. For CW, I’m using a K1EL Winkeyer USB and for PTT for data modes I’m using a USB to serial adapter. Problem was that the computer would throw the K3 into transmit mode as soon as I started Writelog. […]

K3 Smiley Face

I’m pleased to have my K3 back. Apparently a transistor in the I.F. stage failed. Rene at Elecraft called me and explained the problem and what was done to repair it. I look forward to many years of use ahead. One good thing is that everything is calibrated to factory standards now. All I need […]