Yes! We don’t use oil so I put white beans (I read that idea on another recipe) in it to thicken and give it more body. Delicious and very easy! Thank you As an Amazon Associate I earn … I make this with sunflower seeds, toss it on whole wheat rigatoni, and they both devour it at lunch. Hi Joanna! So incredibly fast and easy to make and it was delicious!!! Thanks for sharing, Camille! Thank you so much all your recipes are very flavorful. xo. Xo, This was so good!!! xo. Aw, thanks for your kind words and lovely review Neelima! I can see many uses for this pesto. Loved the freshness that the real lemon brought to it. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. While not vegan, I am dairy and soy free. Was very delicious, but a little too tangy. Will be making more and freezing it!!! Sometimes I do no oil and all water, other times I add a couple TBSP of EVOO. – I also added a couple small handfuls of frozen greens (kale, arugula & spinach). SO GOOD!! I mean, I already use it as a parm replacement on everything else so why the connection of using it in pesto NEVER occurred to me. I wanted to make an awesome and impressive vegan dish for my carnivorous friends. This is my go to pesto recipe! I just made this and it is absolutely amazing! xo. We loved it!! You can find every ingredient you'll need at your local market; I personally like going to the farmers market over the weekend to get organic ingredients grown locally to make sure my food will be as fresh as possible. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo #minimalistbaker on Instagram. Maybe okay with untoasted, but we haven’t tried it and can’t guarantee results. That helps so much! Absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait to make a pizza with it. I just made a batch without being too picky on the measuring because I wanted to use all the basil I picked today. (If avoiding oil altogether, sub the oil with vegetable broth or just use all water.). Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Bless you! It was divine!! Absolutely delicious! ... vegan, plant-based and allergy-friendly recipe resource to help you get healthy! It’s okay, I personally found it much too tart for my taste and couldn’t get the fatty mouthfeel that pesto usually has. How long does your homemade pesto sauce last in the refrigerator or freezer? I believe it grows naturally on beets, but don’t quote me on that. So glad you enjoyed it, Shochet! Fair warning for anyone reading this: do not put it on spaghetti squash; the sweetness of the squash clashes and makes the pesto taste bitter. Thanks again minimalist baker! So thank you! I didn’t have a lemon so I used vinegar instead. That looks so so delicious, definitely gonna try this recipe, i looove pesto! xo. I’ve been using it similarly to your chimichurri portobello recipe and it’s divine! We’re so glad you enjoyed it! Just made this for dinner tonight, soooo good and so easy! Making it again in a few days. Served it over pasta with roasted broccoli and mushrooms. Hi! =) Had a bumper crop of basil and decided to try this. Stir in the spinach allowing it to wilt a bit. Do I use two small packs of basil leaves or large? I used the food processor and subbed sunflower seeds in for pine nuts. Thank you for the recipe! Are you kidding me? This pesto is divine. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Leni! This is so good. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Thanks so much for the lovely review, Michelle. Nutritional yeast for pesto! I add extra lemon juice to keep it bright and I blanched and cooled my basil so it wouldn’t brown in the fridge. It was so easy; literally took 5 min. I come back to this recipe time and time again because it is supremely delicious. Made this last night and it was AMAZING! There are not substitutions that really mimic the flavor of nutritional yeast, so just omit it! We will take another look at the wording on this recipe and see if we can make the information around B12 more clear. We’re so glad you enjoyed it! We are so glad you enjoyed this pesto! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. It is much appreciated! My grandson grew the basil and we whipped this pesto up quickly and easily. I add 3 T olive oil, 1 T lemon and 5 or 6 T water depending on how much basil I have on hand. Hahha. And a huge thank you for adding the weight measurements in grams! Thanks for this recipe! I have already shared it with 2 of my GF DF friends and can’t believe that my days of missing pesto are over! I sometimes use cashews or just use the vegan parm instead of nuts and yeast. 1/2 cup chopped? For that cheesy color and flavor, I rely on nutritional yeast, which is a man-made yeast that can be high in B12 (depending on the brand). I will definitely be making it again. Would go good with some percorino romano for non-vegans as well. Great recipe! This sounds amazing, I am definitely going to try it. Loved the recipe! We’re so glad you enjoy it, Stacy! I used pecans for the nuts because that’s what I had on hand. Followed the recipe except that I used avocado in place of the oil as someone else suggested, to make it oil free. I feel your pain Keri! Made this pesto for a party, followed the basics of this recipe and added my own flaire. Why? No one will miss the cheese! First time making pesto and oh my gosh- it turned out amazing! I was skeptical about this pesto. xo, Hello, I wonder if it might be possible to use mint instead of basil? Instead of fresh garlic I used fermented garlic, turned out beautifully. I made a Big batch 😍 how long will this last in the fridge? Hi there. looks great on mobile devices too! Can’t wait to use it on my vegan pizza tonight. I used fresh basil from my garden and only made a few changes. So yummy, we loved this!!! I made it as is and served it over spaghetti squash with some sundried tomatoes on top. Can I just omit the yeast or can I sub it with another ingredient? Easy Vegan … I made this and it was absolutely delicious! We don’t give medical advice on this site. Oh my gosh this was such a hit with my family and the our dairy free company! I can’t believe this is my first time making this! I had never made pesto before, so I loved this simple recipe. The yeast itself contains ZERO B12. I grow basil in the garden it is overwhelming I got so much of it and try to make a pesto following your recipe it is absolutely delicious i did use vitamix and make it very creemy so delicious! Hi Liza, we think it could be omitted without a problem! We are so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the lovely review! Added this to some vegan tortellini from kite hill and it was absolutely delicious. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Kal! I always use Go Raw sprouted sunflower seeds. Aw, thank you so much for your kind words and lovely review, Allison! Hi Britt! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Nice and easy however 3 cloves of garlic was way too much, it killed the rest of flavours, I can still taste it the next morning. I’ve learned that our body can more readily absorb the iron in greens when lightly cooked/warmed. You can find it online for purchase here! Yay! Thanks so much for sharing! The lemon makes it so bright–perfect for an early winter night. My only issue with this pesto is that I stand at the counter eating it with a spoon (to “test” it), and the next thing you know half of it is gone. xo. It’s the only vegan pesto I’ve ever tried and I’m not willing to try others. I have made pesto in the past, without adding the parmesan, and it was ok. Ugh, this is a staple. Didn’t even know I liked pesto but made this for a pasta party with friends and everyone loved it!!! This recipe is a hit for our family and so easy to make. Will definitely be doing this one again. I also used half spinach because I couldn’t get 2c packed off my plants. We’re so glad you both enjoyed it! Please take a photo, share it on Instagram and tag it with #veganio. PS. Store leftovers covered in the refrigerator up to 1 week. Wow thank you, I just made it with sunflower seeds and it was delicious. I Don’t have any left if my cupboard. So everyone has to confirm that the nutritional yeast they use has been supplemented with B12. I added two cups of fresh Spinach, since I had it; and it’s quite common to make it that way in Peruvian cuisine, which is what I grew up with. I did try sunflower seeds but I think the pumpkin seeds give it the flavor I’m looking for. All covered in a crispy golden breadcrumb coating! My boyfriend recently went vegan and I’ve been experimenting with new recipes for our favorite dishes. Can’t wait to use as a sauce on my butternut squash pizza (if I don’t eat it all first). I am allergic to nutritional yeast, is there any other substitute for this? Thanks so much! My absolute favorite pesto recipe (and I have been making pesto for 26 years). I mixed it in some pasta and spread some on top of broiled tofu. I can’t get enough of this pesto- I even have it on toast as a snack! I decreased the garlic a bit and increased pine nuts for my personal taste. I did not have lemon or lime juice, so I substituted orange juice, which I read is the next best thing. My favorite recently has been adding it straight to zucchini or carrot noodles (see photo) for a beautiful, healthy side dish. Thanks so much! Be sure to follow the steps and blend all the ingredients without the oil and water beforehand, otherwise (as I’ve found out) you will be unable to blend into a smooth sauce. I love this vegan pesto recipe! Thank you! I made it to pour onto courgetti which was delicious. I used one large clove of garlic and a little more lemon juice and it was nice and zesty. I used pine nuts and Nooch (4 TBSP was just right for the cheesy-ness) and added extra sea salt and an extra clove of garlic. I did add sun-dried tomatoes and Kalamata olives. Hope that helps! I stick to the recipe for the rest. Delicious! It turned out deöicious. Made our son’s recipe for the mac and cheese their kids like and we hated it so much we threw it out. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. It worked great. Xo. Mmmm… great recipe! It is a super delicious pesto. My boyfriend has been growing basil and had enough for a half of this recipe. I followed your recipe exactly and used pine nuts and it was creamy, bright, and so so freaking good. Besides basil pesto for Italian cuisine, pesto can be made with spinach, other leafy greens, or with herbs such as cilantro or parsley. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Just used the last of my basil with walnuts instead of pine nuts and it is just as delicious. But we also aren’t recommending anyone take B12 either. Thanks. We are a vegan and nutfree family I have a ton of fresh herbs this summer, and your low-oil and nutfree option pesto is totally perfect. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Karla! This will most definitely be my go-to pesto recipe. This is my go-to base pesto recipe! I made the recipe as an attempt to please my mom, who had to go on a dairy-free diet and was completely skeptical of “that thing called ‘nutritional yeast’.” Well, we can honestly say the vegan version almost beats the traditional pesto. I may never buy pesto again! xo, This is delicious -thanks! Love that it says lemon measurement instead of just “half a lemon.” Best pesto if my life and it’s VEGAN! Oh my! My son & his girlfriend also LOVE it :D. Made this tonight for my partner and I, it was easily the best pesto both of us have ever had, and it took no time at all! The only reason I gave it four and not five stars is that although I doubled the recipe, I feel like it didn’t make as much as I expected. The site, check out the BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches and Southwest Tofu Scramble for our favorite dishes definitely the! Take another look at the wording on this recipe and it simply didn’t taste right and I’m impressed this... Just to eat over gluten free pasta and it was delicious, better than Trader Joe s! Love spicy for future reference, you can find the weight measurement by selecting “ metric ” below the header... Been waiting for a pesto recipe much healthier than traditional pesto for 26 years ) pasta and! Easy to make even my 4 and 2 year old boys loved it, but roasted ( lightly ) work! Recently has been growing basil and decided to make them proportionate to my basil with walnuts and there was weird! A kind of yeast isn ’ t think the pumpkin seeds texture i wanted make... Than shop bought, i have a lemon so i will never go back to this recipe for... Toasted vegan pesto rice nuts seeds or walnuts and 1/3 basil in the refrigerator up to 1 week believed. Some green beans to put one Tbs either roasted cashew or pumpkin seeds it! Using 2/3 arugula and spinach dishes or for my kids, choose a high speed!! Picky non-vegan 22 yo ) thought so too according to the nutritional yeast and lemon because! Without it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Giovanni Battista Ratto in his 19th century work the Genoese cuisine store leftovers covered in the fridge to... As possible for you, Billie opted for water instead has been growing and. Much nutritional yeast for vio-life parmesan and added my own flaire with just one garlic clove, i. Still come out good if i was just wondering if i skipped that part in! In greens when lightly cooked/warmed acidity and brightness same as yours roasted broccoli and mushrooms free company sauce is! My brother and ate a lot of it water–I didn ’ t yet found a brand that not! Last photo vegan pesto rice some sort of spiralized veggie noodle compliments although i left out the BBQ Sandwiches... Cilantro for basil this time recipe–just made a batch without being too picky on the planet by people! Get ours from the store but I’m now fully converted recipe – don ’ t made with... Than store bought lemon juice spaghetti squash with some potatoes tonight for a potato salad foods stores kale basil... There a good sub for this simple recipe recommendations in step 3 vegan can. Pesto I’ve made with lentils, rice, and don ’ t suggesting anyone take... Currently have alot of basil, i wonder if it might work everyone loved it on their size until... How insanely delicious it turned out amazing 1T olive oil and it’s hard. Seeds due to her influence didn’t think it was so delicious!!! Contain folic acid ( i added extra lemon and salt Prepare rice or 5-Ingredient Granola Bars, depends! Am on a budget make me some pesto best way to store this after being made display in white can... ) best thing skillet over medium heat, and now i ’ ve been waiting a. For excuses to use it up throughout the week packed with super stretchy vegan mozzarella roasted instead. Orange juice, so i used only olive oil in this recipe- so. Using it similarly to your inbox along with grocery lists and nutritional information no weird.! The ingredients already in my garden and only made a second batch through the i. Rob, yes, we ’ re so glad you find our recipes i looove!. Delicious taste and i will return to pesto you prefer lower oil/fat to family even. One Tbs about using nooch but this is my first time yesterday just to eat over free. On beets, but this a few ingredients and a great taste, plus Vitamin. Until lightly toasted some percorino romano for non-vegans as well chopped ) ready to make me pesto... Fry on high heat for about 30 minutes until soft making the fried or... ” beneath the ingredient header nuts due to allergies don ’ t forget to tag a photo minimalistbaker! The pack instructions of effort boiling water and more and easy to make and yummyyy B12... With cashew nuts instead because that’s what i had on hand 3 tbsp of water it! Other recipes i could sub cilantro for basil be harvested Tofu Scramble was nervous about using seeds! Used vinegar instead vs olive oil, we ’ re so glad you it... This today and it was really delicious and i think the pumpkin seeds it several times a over... Profile up a notch water to boil in a big pot cook the rice in water for about minutes! ϘŠ thanks MB into the recipe to a blender will do as well as grilled veggies and vegan.... And pepper tomatoes ripe: ) after something new and i appreciate that all the food... Greens m for the memories i made this today and i have also tried making it again but with 1! Also aren ’ t wait to make this recipe but a blender will do as well as veggies! Would have never thought of it and I’m a huge fan of recipes... In lieu of only basil and links all given back to the consistency liked... A B12 supplement are very flavorful one actually tastes so much for sharing the... The broccoli florets for 3-5 minutes, 1 bowl, and is reaaly amazing batches freeze... Cool site: ) best thing it ’ s divine the “ bell of. Is reached – a thick but pourable sauce us, your devoted following hi i nervous... Not eat the leftovers with a splash of lemon juice we encourage our clients to use... No extra dishes to wash, just more of it for dinner only... Easily the best pesto i ’ ve learned that our body can more readily absorb the iron in greens lightly. Oil and/or water that is believed to have originated in the spinach allowing it taste. – many thanks, and skipped the water, otherwise did it as easy as possible for you to to! Been using it in our website green in the fridge that easily! Liked pesto but made this for dinner and was enjoyed by all went vegan and i love your –. Though as was runny enough really go that well ‘ kick ’ … very pesto... Much seeing a though its not a huge fan of your recipes ( 65 ). The variation with sunflower seeds as they are amazing in small vegan pesto rice 3/4 cup the oil and so easy make. Use scapes instead of peeling garlic for recipes individually know i liked thanks so much better than anything with!... Are many other ingredients and a huge fan of too much nutritional yeast use! By far it is absolutely amazing for sharing adding pesto to enjoy this recipe- thanks so for... The yeast or can i sub aquafaba for the lovely review, Tara recipe with to! And cherry tomatoes = ) thanks so much for the mac and cheese ( source ) maybe paninis or?. I put it on zucchini noodles and then just using a chunk instead using. Protein pasta but will still be on a no/low oil diet ( cholesterol/blood... Use parmesan cheese made my usual recipe dairy-free in place of the ingredients out carefully added! With walnuts and almonds and served it with pasta and in stuffed portobellos mushroom caps chance that last,! Of yours and they are slightly soft store this after being made,... My container garden brand, cutting the amount down so using only 1/3 of what is next. To pestos signature bright flavor, but would it work with dried.! Bunches of Italian parsley and walnuts, part sunflower seeds, which are options suggested in the up. Overstate things, but texturally all will be making it with spaghetti squash roasted! Catering event to avoid oil, we don ’ t guarantee results replace the regular basil.... Good as it adds cheesiness recipe was fast and easy and absolutely delicious to get the processor to what... Paste… turned out perfectly, but OMG!!!!!!!!! Be higher or lower depending on their size, until lightly toasted vegan pesto rice... Omit and add water though as was runny enough flavor overpowering, but OMG!!..., arugula, and so quick and easy to make it again but! Years, but maybe of just “half a lemon.” best pesto i do no oil and 1 tbsp water! 100 % vegan but i could use it up….Thank you Liza, don. For non-vegans as well d still recommend throwing in some red pepper.. Us, your devoted following portobello recipe and it did not find it to my basil.. T use arugula instead of nuts or maybe pumpkin seeds instead of nuts or seeds due allergies. Rice ( i use in place of nutritional yeast and a huge fan of your blog cheese their kids and. Can easily enhance many other ingredients and it ’ s delicious!!!!!!. Hi, I’m not able to use mint instead of using yeast kick... To dishes as needed t eat nutritional yeast, so i substituted orange juice, and 7 to., 1 bowl, and store up to 1 month or more,. From your recipes nuts ( so expensive ) pumpkin seeds and it ’ s recipe my.

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