Panic, when you sell people programs for money, give them something good that works. The most disgusting coding I have ever experienced on a Mac or PC. Here is a suggestion that would keep people a bit happier in the future. The new Unison USB board is an upgrade for any Bifrost, Gungnir, or Yggdrasil with the Gen 1, 2, 3, or 5 USB inputs, and now ships standard with every new Gungnir and Yggdrasil. After all, one has to already know what one is searching for or browse the group listings at sites like With that in mind, I already had a working setup using Unison 2.48 so I started there. Would it be possible to have an option to stick to the old interface or change the background to a lighter shade of grey so it will still be evident that one is reading and expanded tree? For me, wanting only a nice functional newsreader, this update is great and now has many functions that I have not seen before nor have been able to find in any other Mac program. For the first time in years I'm looking for a different newsreader. I always use. Moving on to the MacBook Air—which I honestly suspected would be the easy step—I found Unison 2.48 crashed on macOS 10.15. "Intelligent downloads" (par support) was always somewhat sketchy, never reliable, the implementation of NZB search engines only half-hearted, never thoroughly done, and downloading large amounts of newsgroup headers is as slow in 2012 as it was in 2007. UNISON meets Department for Education and NHS test and trace officials to discuss the end-of-term announcement about mass testing in English schools in January. I know you're trying your upmost (is that a word in English?) An excellent Newsreader. It is a perfect match for Download Managers in the Internet Tools category. That is normal, the connection is flaky, it should just try again and I don't want to know about it. 3. I changed the filename of the new version (I used unison-2.51.2) and changed the “servercmd” setting in the Unison preferences on both the Surface Pro and the MacBook Air. But Unison is still leaps behind PCs Newsbin. Grouping ...... 3 minutes A waste of money. Mac users effectively don't have a good newsreader anymore. I quit using an app I wanted to love because it was so lame and slow I couldn't stand it any more. Unfortunately, I ran into a couple problems: Once past those two issues I managed to successfully get Unison to synchronize files between the Surface Pro and the Ubuntu system. From the Unison 2 FAQ But this seems to be a blessing in disguise, as I don't seem to be having any of the issues people are reporting with versions 2 and above. I'm ready to just downgrade at this point. (Recall that I mentioned earlier that compatible versions of Unison were needed on both systems.). If you added your favorite groups as favorites, it's good. - NZBVortex can be a CPU hog, particularly when unpacking. In fact, beyond the occasional crash and when the program has to purge/download/group a large number of headers (and the glacial speed it goes about doing this), I'm pretty fond of Unison. Customers are left in the dust. Unison have a nasty habit to not find all articles in a post, same post works in Newsbin. Main bug, namely " uploadfreeze" , has been solved now ! It simply stops doing what it should be doing and requires a restart to get it going again. Been my nzb downloader of choice for many years. Dandrac42 and NationOfLaws like this. I know Panic has said 2.2 was EoD, but maybe they could at least release a bug fix to make 2.2 useable. "Fixed an issue that could cause preferences to be reset" this is very strange. Thank you Panic !!!!!! Plus, with a click of a button, I can read the messages associated with those groups which often answer questions I have or gives me a place to ask a question or request a post. Cache problems like stated in the FAQ aren't really a users concern, are they? has already been purchased, you can access this purchase via the ‘Downloads’ button below. It supports binary file downloading (including NZB support), group browsing and segmenting and error checking utilities. Post by Stefan Moser *** [unison-users] silly question: I'm trying to keep several Unison versions installed on my machine (macOS 10.14.1): my main Unison version 2.51.2, and also one version 2.48.15 which I have renamed "Unison-2.48" in the /Application folder. Same issue someone posted on Versiontracker. But that aside, I'm quite happy with this update! I'm using OS 10.14.3 Mojave and have found that if you add it to System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Accessibility, it works great. Please fix it. Most of the bugs seem to come from the DL and extraction engine with large downloads stalling repeatedly and no auto-resume possible. Besides that I don't like the black background on the new interface when expanding the file list tree. I also get needless error messages from time to time that it has failed to establish an SSL connection. Still not possible to mark a whole group as marked. - Doesn't have a own category for images anymore. It is faster, but still nowhere near as fast as most any other contemporary newsgroup downloader. Spent a bit of time trying to resolve but less effort to try alternatives (trying NZBVortex now, seems to be working well but interface is somewhat confusing.). Unison is a carefully-crafted, genuinely revolutionary Mac OS X Usenet newsreader. that the NZB sites won't index, Unison can do that; NZBVortex can't. Or does this happen with the error message also displayed? Abandonware. It is not serious but you know you pay your cash you expect stability. Unison is a free macOS client for Usenet. Still a lot of bugs in this version! - Usability: instead of improving the search for groups (e.g., w/addtl. A little more "developer presence" would reassure me a lot. Lost my money, what a shame ! Now, the problem is that via brew install unison it installs unison 2.51.2, and via apt-get on the EV3DEV (debian-linux) it installs unison 2.40, which is incompatible. I had been looking forward to an upgrade to Unison 1.x for eons, so when 2.0 showed up on MacUpdate I paid my update fee before even downloading the new version. Ideal for large downloads (mkv, rar, nzb, etc). File Synchronizer Downloads: Downloads Available here! The only thing that can be done in this case is a forced quit. I purchased 2.0 the minute it was announced, as I purchased 1.x when I tried and liked it. Dear friends at Panic: When I first launch Unison everything is fine, and I can download newsgroup files, etc, etc. The size of the latest installer available is 9.6 MB. After two weeks of putting Unison 2.1.6 through its paces without mercy, I'm confident in saying it's fixed! Back to Unison version 1.8.1 for me. Building, installing, and testing Unison in Linux is relatively straightforward. I see only problems on top of other problems. I recently installed unison on my home machine (OSX 10.9) and on my remote server (Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit). That said, we're still considering the issue!" I subscribe to 15 newsgroups and download movies and music without any problems. Unison 2.2 for Mac is available as a free download on our application library. Tha patience is gone now. Same reason as why I won't buy an automatic car. Panic have some nice apps they are a very slick outfit...but they need to stabilise this one up a tad. • Expand or collapse (consolodate) transfers window per grouping! 1. missing files It is absolutely staggering. Support seemed to care during the year or so I complained about this issue, but nothing changed. Posted on 21 December 2020. Unison 1.8.1 gave you more feedback on what was going on, while this upgrade leaves you pretty much in the dark...Why?? Unison 2, unfortunately, is not much of an upgrade after such a long wait. All in all - this version of Unison would probably be good for non-serious usenet users who have no intention of really using usenet to it's fullest. I also find that it keeps downloading the headers all again with every new version. 1. I subscribe to 8 newsgroups and when I launch Unison my Mac locks up whilst Unison hogs the internal HDD's and CPU cycles. Just a suggestion. Particularly the uploadbug has not been repaired at all !! There were some minor bugs with the initial 2.0 release (like trial timeouts) but I've never had issues with downloading or decoding large archives from Giganews. That's how familiar I am with this app. I drive it so I decide when it changes gear and not the other way around. Please fix it. Hope you don't ever need to search for something you read yesterday! I fully retract my post of 16 Feb 2011. It is simple (a little too simple) and clean. I just wish the developers would sit down and sort the stability out. Panic claims to solve several bugs but in reality they didn't So for now at least it's "Buh-bye Unison", and "Hello NZBVortex". ;-)) • Streamlined dl/ul GUI: est. FYI, there is a UI glitch if you drag-resize the window using a Wacom stylus (at least an Intuos4). There is another menu option and toolbar button to "Hide Read", but it, too, does absolutely nothing. Over a decade ago I was using Xnews and it not only handled that as I recall, it could also be set up to treat as spam messages that where cross posted to too many groups, an essential feature IMO. Overview Mailing lists Downloads I am using SSL and connections constantly get stuck and the only way to get them going again is to quit and restart Unison. Unison is a user-level program, so there is no need to modify the kernel or to have superuser privileges on either host. it also supports multi servers at the same time just try the demo it will convince you. Gotta say I'm really diggin' v2.0. If you're a Usenet addict with a premium account, you'll probably want both NZBVortex and Unison to get the most out of it. Annoying bug still in version 2.0.1 If you have a large library of headers, they will be wiped. Now the program (2.1.1) sometimes suddenly freezes in the dock or while uploading/downloading or just doing nothing (??) It's a mad world. Hasn't crashed once since I've done this. Truth? The Ultimate Guide to Mac Parental Controls, Mac Password Managers: Protecting Your Online Mac Identity. If not careful folders and all the groups inside of them can be accidentally dropped off the edge of the window and instantly removed from the favorites list. Then Unison 1.x came. Program let's you upload some files fine the first time after installing the app. It's as if something jams after the first upload of files Works perfectly. Reverted to v 2.1.10 and everything is back to normal, no crashes, speed as it used to be. Then refine what you have based on feedback from users. I made this request back in version 2.0 ... they are no into 2.03 and still no way to make text bigger.. That would be the ultimate news reader. I use NewsDemon as my provider with excellent retention and full speed access. Dont know if i'm the only one, anyone else with same problem ???? When organizing the folders it is not possible to drop a folder between other folders, folders can only be dropped at the bottom, between groups, or into other folders. 6 days to test this software is just a sick joke and will surely make many people angry! - Usability: inverting the color scheme in post listings to white text on black background when clicking a disclosure triangle makes for terrible legibility. And it looks like new Users are unable to even locate Unison on the AppStore. The absolutely abhorent performance leaves me still searching for a better reader. Downloader hardly works. This current 2.1 version of Unison (as of 8/11/2010) is really buggy as all hell. Sadly 'm forced to use other programs who will do the trick, unison 2.0 doesn't anymore !! All you'll see are NULL folders. I mean, I'm never tempted to go back to the bad old days of Thoth (not that Thoth is bad, it's just clunky in comparison) I emailed Panic support, and got answer that 10.8 is not supported (this was a week before official release of 10.8, maybe Panic think they support 10.8 now) I have this pause problem on all my macs using 10.8 with Unison. Some continued research led me to find Windows and macOS builds of a newer version of Unison, version 2.51. I just deleted my Unison 2 cache - over 56 gigabytes. NZBvortex is free and works so much better. Yes, it can take several minutes to fetch and group a large bunch of headers, but once they're loaded, it's a very convenient way to browse and search an entire newsgroup. I've started using NZBVortex recently for NZB files, and using Unison if I want to browse groups; between the two of them I've got all bases covered but I find myself searching and using NZBV more often these days. Discover New Mac Apps. their service to check the serial number. To make this a great product: I need a good program on mac for this. I use Unison to sync code between my local machine and my dev servers. Christmas and new year shutdown period. Less criticism and good reviews will be your share !! Now, this isn’t usually a big … Mail has a similar separate activity window showing individual operations, but it, like a well-designed program, has a cancel button next to every progress bar. It works 90% of the time, however, and I think that is a really cool feature that is worth keeping even if it's a little buggy. A lot other issues as well ! * You can't mark files as read, only messages. I hope Panic plan something new! It took a while for it to develop but it is fully mature and great now! The Unison office will be shut from 12pm Wednesday 23 December until Monday 11 January 2021.. Our fault service is operating 24/7 - please call 0800 2 UNISON (0800 2 86476) to assist with any faults. However, Unison does have some useful advantages over NZBVortex, even if you're only using it for binary groups: Here is how Unison rates on each one. * Fixed problem with SSL connections never timing out and getting stuck in "stalled" To sync between two servers, it requires that the same version of Unison be installed on both servers. The older version (1.1) although not perfect, was about as good as it was going to get on OS X (which still wasn't great but again, about the best it was going to get). At the top of the scrolling sidebar is the Newsgroups section. * If you have many headers, like me, it's dog slooooow. I'm disappointed in Panic--especially given the time it took to get an update. This app constantly drains my MacPro of all life when active. Unison may hope that there won't be another software developer that releases a similar program. Started using NZB Vortex and loving it. SURPRISINGLY and UNBELIEVABLY SLOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW. It offers all the expected newsreader functionality: easy-to-navigate threaded discussions, the ability to ignore annoying posters, multiple signature management, and easy, Mail … I was very excited when Unison 2 came out and bought my upgrade immediately. The AppStore version of Unison is still at version 2.1.10 for anyone who has previously purchased this software. ( which I did several times!) It allows two replicas of a collection of files and directories to be stored on different hosts (or different disks on the same host), modified separately, and then brought up to date by propagating the changes in each replica to the other. Unfortunately, the entire download engine seems to be corrupt as virtually every download >1GB stalls and cannot be completed. GREAT overhaul of their aging app. However, rest assured that the incredible improvement I'm lauding proves to be some kind of fluke, I'll let you know. Select "upload" and the program freezes. Great, powerful, essential! But sometimes downloads get "stuck" in the queue and never go away. By far the best reader out there on osx. Lastly take a look again at the extraction portion of the app, and it will be a really classy A1 program. In those 6 days I did nothing but download headers, then got the 15 min time out when I tried to actually use it to download something I wanted. (This may apply to all systems running APFS, but I haven’t verified that yet.) An even more exciting UI challenge is that if you go to the "Window" menu looking for a downloads window (as you did in Unison 1), you'll find the Activity window that looks like it should be managing downloads, but does not enable you to interact in any way with the progress it displays. Unison 2.1.10 on Mavericks uses 110% of CPU when downloading headers, funs on my MacBook Pro are going crazy... What and why it is happening? Does what it says on the tin and does it well. It allows two replicas of a collection of files and directories to be stored on different hosts (or different disks on the same host), modified separately, and then brought up to date by propagating the changes in each replica to the other. Because the developer is friendly and responsive I paid for the upgrade, but I'll hold back on using Unison 2 until at least I can mark files Read/Unread and I can customize font size etc in the file listings window. At least reading is good. This seems like a reasonable request and core functionality of the program... Has anyone noticed that Unsion 2 does not include all of the .par files when using .nzb files to start your downloads? RELIABILITY This new version 2.2, crashes consistently. I wanted this to be my Mac alternative to NewsLeecher. I like some of the changes made to how items are downloaded, and of course it's now free, but it's buggy as hell. I tried to report this to tech support before posting here, but their site appears to be down. Maybe it has more problems when downloading files, but so far it's working well for me. The market for a Usenet client in 2014 isn't exactly huge. Anyone else having issues with 2.2 simply not loading groups? I my case every new version had some new problems. I was able to run Unison to synchronize files between the Surface Pro, the Ubuntu system, and the MacBook air running macOS 10.15. Before this version everything worked great. Recent versions of Unison work well on OS X, including support forsynchronizing files with resource forks, handling of creator strings,etc. I'm wondering, is Unison's database management still so slow that my MacPro with four 3 GHz Xeon processors with 10 GBs of RAM will still take 10-12 hours to update my newsgroups databases as it always did? About time; I've got the shaft 3 times from that bug and it's a nightmare - Would be nice to find out what set of circumstances caused it. Ergo for *moi* unusable & back to 1.8.1 it is. After that it's impossible to upload Files again. I love the new interface of Unison and most of the new features Unison 2.0 offers are really great improvements upon version 1.8. Unison just released version 2.0.3 The interface is very polished albeit somewhat feature deprived. I got a message at the bottom that said "Fetching" ... and I waited. No matter what you do, you are working with all the headers in a particular group. A return of the available header count next to the group name wouldn't hurt much either. Thanks Panic for a product (Unison 2.1) that I bought but can't use as the serial number can't be checked. I miss it. Pre-compiled binaries for Unison 2.51 are available for both Windows and macOS, so that’s probably the best version to use. Are you sure that Unison works OK if the date and time are set in the computer in a format different to the standard USA format (month, Day, Year)? SPEED - You can browse groups directly from your Usenet server, rather than going through a third party NZB site. i switched to NZB Vortex Now here is a cool product from day one the errors stopped and i am maxing out my connection. Why? I was so completely surprised by Unisons speed. Tried some other features and most things look good now ! Seems they try to limit the damage from the poor reviews on several review sites. The main issue by miles has not been addressed, meaning files can still not be marked Read or Unread. There are now no usenet apps for Macintosh? - There's a built-in web browser for searching NZB indexing sites, from a customizable list of URLs. I have to go in manually and separately DL all the extra par files if parts are missing from a bunch of rars. - Message filter can't be selected -> not working :-(. I was wondering whether somebody managed to install unison's latest version from source, on its macOS machine (Here I am trying with Catalina). I haven't found it to be buggy. I’ve used a nearly-identical setup for several years to keep my systems synchronized. Unbelievable! While Unison is available for all three platforms and does work across (and among) systems running all three operating systems, I did encounter a few interoperability issues while making it work. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The "Lastest downloads" separator is no solution to that. I've thrown the kitchen sink at Unison 2.1.6 since it came out and everything works, and I"m loving it like never before. Cheers! The previous version (1.8.1) was released almost exactly two years ago. Headbangingly, beach-balling slow. I'm using SABnzbd now and I'm very happy with it, does this do anything better/worse? The only workaround I could find was to use, Unison 2.51 wouldn’t interoperate with the existing Unison 2.48 binary on the Ubuntu system. It seems that every "update" from this program solves old bugs and brings new ones as well. Previous versions were slow to load large groups, too, but with those the user had control over when these waits would occur - posts would not load from Unison's DB until the respective group window was opened.m With version 2 you have no choice ... you open the app, be ready to get something else done until you can interact w/Unison again; i.e. I also noticed that loading new headers is also not working properly. were that it was ridiculously slow at downloading compared to every other newsreader on Earth, and it had a bad habit of crashing or just stalling randomly and being unable to resume. It's nice, but I have some comments : I sent them an email regarding the issues mentioned above and have not received a reply from them in well over a week now. Don't get distracted by all the negative reviews down here. Next time make it work. Simply run unison with -repeat watch as argument or repeat=watch in config file. Will revert back to 2.0.4 whilst this oh-so-basic bug gets addressed. I don't know, seems many of the reviews I've read here are a bit off the chart nit-picky with their complaints. ), but I still prefer to browse header listings, because I find things I miss searching NZBs. And waited. So I have to re-download the par files, run the par myself to fix the files and extract the download. I really don't think anyone at Panic gives a damn about this program. This has been broken since Unison 2.0 launched, and is still broken months later. Fortunately, cloning the GitHub repository and building from source was pretty straightforward. Also, it runs the pars, but doesn't seem to fix the files and re-run the extract. MacPARdeLuxe and SimplyRAR work fine for me. As far as I know, Unison is the best/easiest newsreader for mac. Text Postings Unreadable, messages do not appear, blank window, grey field appears, FAIL; 2. The header data is not deleted, it is all sitting right where it should be waiting to be read.