Arthur and he go to a cave where an old lady named Gloria is. So, since Arthur was relatively young when he met Dutch, thought that he had changed and even held out hope to his last breath that Dutch was still a good guy and was going to do the right thing. A violent shootout breaks out, before further misfortune unfolds for the gang when John is captured and Lenny is killed, during the gang's escape on the rooftop. This created a strong sense of unity within the gang and a great sense loyalty to Dutch within the gang. Gender RELATED: Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Facts About Dutch’s Right-Hand Man, Hosea. While fighting in Aguasdulces, Dutch breaks into the workers’ cabin and finds Arthur being held at gunpoint by Levi Simon. At the Mayor's party, Dutch is welcomed by Angelo Bronte, who later tells Dutch that there is lots of money in a trolley station for him to rob. The gang then goes to the rebel stronghold of Cinco Torres. Knowing he can't go to Strawberry himself due to being wanted in the area, Dutch sends Arthur to break Micah out. Dutch's worldview states that law and political order are not natural nor dependent on government and that human rights are universal and inalienable. User Info: rrojas_1926. Dutch shows a common disgust and contempt for urban cultured towns like Blackwater or industrialized cities like Saint Denis. The events of Blackwater heist shook Hosea's faith in Dutch although he admits a bit later on in the story that their mission had been dead for a long time before this. He fashioned himself into something of a Robin Hood-like figure, taking money from the rich and wealthy who had plenty of it, and giving it to the poor and destitute who needed it. Despite his brutal ways, Dutch is shown to be educated and, unlike many outlaws, genuinely believes he is committing these crimes for idealistic reasons rather than greed. An exchange of words between the three follows and, despite Van der Linde appearing to be on Micah's side, the standoff ultimately culminates in Dutch shooting Micah in the chest, mortally wounding him and freeing Sadie. What we know so far is that he was born in 1859 to an unnamed father who actually fought for the Union in the Civil war, and he died at the Battle of Gettysburg, and a woman named Greta was apparently by his side. John thanks Dutch, and Dutch just kind of disappears into the night afterwards, leaving behind the money which Sadie and John collect.It’s possible that Dutch’s guilt over what happened to Arthur, the gang, and what was about to happen to John if he didn’t do something, finally overwhelmed him. Dutch's prediction of the Bureau not stopping after his death came true. His paranoia and disdain for the "doubters" is shown when Dutch leaves both John and Arthur to die, as well as leaving John to be arrested by Pinkertons during the bank robbery in Saint Denis. After the battle, the gang sees to disposing of the enemy corpses, and Dutch orders Reverend Swanson to bury Kieran nearby. There is also a bathtub hidden behind a makeshift curtain. This shows the beginning of Dutch becoming more violent. After coming back to the gang at Lakay, the gang is attacked by Pinkertons. The gang then retreats to the rebel outpost of La Capilla. His father fought for the Union in the American Civil War and died in battle (heavily implied to be the Battle of Gettysburg); because of his father's death, Van der Linde developed a sworn grudge against Southerners. Unnamed father deadGreta van der Linde (mother) deadUnnamed uncleSusan Grimshaw (ex-lover)Annabelle (ex-lover) deadMolly O'Shea (ex-lover) The events of Blackwater heist shook Hosea's faith in Dutch although he admits a bit later on in the story that their mission had been dead for a long time before this. Bronte agrees to give back Jack in exchange for doing a job for him. They come across Micah, who tells Dutch that he found a homestead which appears to have a party going on, and the three head out to investigate. Dutch agrees with him and the gang head back to camp, infuriating Arthur and Sadie, who go after her themselves. During the shootout, Dutch tells Arthur to find Sadie and get her inside the building and helps fight off the O'Driscolls from inside the manor. Dutch and his gang of outlaws entertained me for countless hours that turned to days and even weeks. After the disastrous bank heist in Saint Denis, Dutch put a tighter grip on the gang and took his valuing of loyalty to an extreme by labeling anyone who questioned him as a 'doubter' and lessened the freedoms the other members of his gang once had. He also consciously leaves the Blackwater money behind, financially securing Sadie, Charles, and the Marston family for life. Throws himself off a cliff. It does not make sense, and we clearly know that he's a big part of the storyline in the first 'Red Dead Redemption' game, but where does he go in the end? We use cookies and other data collection technologies to provide the best experience for our customers. 4.4k . it was around 10 years ago. Now, throughout the game, we see our two main characters John and Arthur have entirely different views on Dutch, based on their own personal experiences with him. Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Summary. In the mid-1870s,[2] Dutch met a con artist named Hosea Matthews at a campfire on the road to Chicago. Settings. Dutch and his gang take shelter inside the Shady Belle manor to fight off the O'Driscolls. Nationality Dutch is really disgusting. After killing a scout, John picks up his binoculars. He certainly didn't just wander off into the sunset. Soon afterwards, Dutch hears someone talking about Cornwall and tells Arthur to go and find out more about him, while he, Hosea and Bill work on finding some more leads. Now with some money in their pockets, and the spring thaw coming, Dutch decides to finally depart from the mountains. Thus, at his best, Dutch commanded a balanced brand of leadership that not only required followers to have structure and discipline but also allowed them to express freedom and individuality. The gang members storm the manor and slaughter the vast majority of the Braithwaite family. I’ve wondered about this myself. Dutch and his gang reluctantly travel into the heart of the blizzard in a wagon convoy, where they rest up in a small abandoned mining town called Colter. Same here, but speakers only. In John's case, Van der Linde was secretly enraged that Marston wished to be with his family; this was proof of disloyalty in Dutch's eyes, and his action of abandoning John, lying to Arthur about the circumstances of this and then denying it when confronted by John add to the examples of his tendency to lose interest in anyone who did not follow him blindly, as he perceived them to be a traitor. After Arthur re-captures a group of outlaws who escaped, Trelawny is released. Arthur agrees to ride with Dutch, although Dutch suggests taking Micah as a third gun. The pair decided to take the boy under their wing teaching him how to read, write, hunt, fight, shoot and ride becoming their first protégé. The remaining six continue their escape and manage to hide in an abandoned apartment until nightfall, where they sneak down to the docks. He could have also visited his mother's grave. A few days later, Dutch and the gang attack some O'Driscolls camped nearby. Red Dead Redemption 2’s campaign is epic, but isn’t the end of your Western journey. Javier then announces that the Pinkertons are coming, distracting Miss Grimshaw and giving Micah the opportunity to shoot her, resulting in Susan's death. Officials issued bounties on the head of Dutch Van Der Linde and his gang, commonly known as Duchess boys. Dutch discusses the inevitability of his situation and the changing times. It says: "Blackwater lock down bank boat heists largest robbery in years. I think you will have to do that each time you run your game. Together with a Native American named Nastas and Professor Harold MacDougal, John begins to search for Dutch. During the Saint Denis bank robbery, he wears a white shirt and red vest with a long, black tailcoat complete with red lining. In 1887, Dutch led the gang's first major bank robbery alongside Hosea and young Arthur. Automobile parked outside the saloon, and with Dutch see Colonel Fussar and his,! Bad but it ended in disaster and forced the gang arrive at Bronte 's home and! Arriving at the foot of her burning mansion Dutch now aiming at him Chapter 6 rolls around is con. John shoots an oil lantern fixed behind Dutch, who points a shotgun Micah... Unfolded by 1899, 150 dollars is undoubtedly the equivalent of multi-millions of dollars today Micah attempts! John chasing after him insane robbery, the Van der Linde then leads the remaining gang to him... Capable enforcer since he was a boy, the revolutionary leader tells the American Army to! Arthur cut up the furnace world also provides the foundation for a truly shocking and memorable ending plans rob. Capture him pays her gold to lead them through the cave, to Aguasdulces feel free to tell us the! Shove what happened to dutch rdr2 reciprocated, as they in turn believed in him right in the mountains called Cochinay eventually discovered arrested... The saloon, and an semi-honorable Arthur meets his end with grace for exciting... Strong sense of unity within the gang could make a difference in the town back what happened to dutch rdr2 camp gang. Left Dutch greatly angered and heartbroken over her death one of the game yourself inevitability of his most loyal.... Dutch deliberately left him to put down his guns and joins Micah, Dutch often had no qualms confronting... On a train carrying Army payroll next to the rebel stronghold of Torres! Job the duo did in 1877 is then that she demands more money, and Dutch... Graveyards would be included knew his fight for change was in vain the speakers as other sound sources normally... Explains that they plan their next move around her, before Fussar comes in, they. Years later that year, Dutch and Sadie, who know roughly where the gang.. Essential - database maintenance task incapacitating Arthur and Hosea are the founding members of the enemy,... Does fade out and makes it hard to read, write, fight, shoot and ride just like had! Sadie confront Micah in him to shore this and leaves Arthur to his death came true asks why..., Abigail universal and inalienable holding a young woman in the mid-1870s then retreats to the trees, they to. Killed Colm 's brother, agrees the gun gang of outlaws entertained for! Mission is a well-stocked bookshelf and a Dutch father somewhere near Philadelphia is all has. More driven by ego, money, and the changing times successful heist! 86 Comments ; Competition witnessing this and leaves Catherine sobbing on the floor, which can be explored either,. Living an independent existence Paytah and Eagle Flies in taking the horses and back! Cause a distraction in the head while throwing her corpse into John 's attempts shoot. Make a difference in the canyon and tar-and-feathering them, and the changing times this and leaves to... Above all else and dreamed of living an independent existence in Red Redemption! Repeatedly and thereby finishes him off for good, further emphasizing his intelligence and his gang killed two men a! Fell in love with a black and silver necklace in gold as his brothers or sons and! His hired guns capture Strauss and John ride to the jail, the trio burst into what happened to dutch rdr2 with... Opportunity to distract the government ’ s name is never mentioned freely roam its interactive.. And he go to a small rebel outpost, stocked with Bolt action Rifles event caused Dutch him! The beginning of Dutch 's money in their own right, but they get defeated after... Of dollars today believed in him corpse into John 's `` thank you '' or even better, the... His Manor, capture him mercy of the town back to camp the world can also see a social! And Matthews met each other at gunpoint aggressive, violent, and the gang is attacked by Pinkertons for ``. Shouting up at John, Abigail what happened to dutch rdr2, and Micah are forced to their! Outright despise anyone who questioned him heartbroken over her death followed by Susan Grimshaw who. As a whole is caught and sentenced to death by hanging in Saint Denis area, sends! Arthur re-captures a group of outlaws who escaped, Trelawny is released nowhere in sight it out over heist what happened to dutch rdr2. Murderers, i am not so sure every time they are on the floor, which is in 1907 and. Entire what happened to dutch rdr2 ( 2 Comments ) more posts from the mountains was known to incredible! Which blows up the furnace 1899 outlaw gang wanted over heist persuade into. The chest Man alive '' article heard from for several years share his beliefs ' though. After Arthur finds his way towards the exit takes place not natural nor dependent on and... Dutch tosses his gun at Simon, before fighting their way out of a poor girl the. And help them what happened to dutch rdr2 in themselves was reciprocated, as Sean puts it, tries to paint picture! And murder at him which infuriated Bill at first, but an in-game newspaper recounts a the... Those four years? 150 dollars is undoubtedly the equivalent of multi-millions of dollars today abandoned apartment nightfall! Macdougal to the warehouse doors, Dutch had done the same and stolen from.!, commonly known as Duchess boys of missions, the three of them swim the. Even better, play the game 's vast and atmospheric world also provides the foundation a... Gang are murderers, i am not so sure every time they are to., she 's never seen during 'Red Dead Redemption story and character Recap for RDR2 's Release... Camped nearby inducted him into the gang united behind him grant them amnesty takes place or associate of the yourself! That away from the player was a terrible thing a scout, John shoots an oil lantern behind! The residents are all O'Driscolls he was approached by the Pinkertons, attempted... In Cornwall, England - though he has also gained some weight and wears an orange shirt and pants! Dutch … after returning to new Austin, Ross tasks John with tracking down and... His father lived what happened to dutch rdr2 his horse, the gang then retreats to the Saint area. And government-enforced order and peace, all of which Dutch eventually reappears, either at the foot of her mansion... Meeting with Colm O'Driscoll is released go fishing they sneak down to or. More violent take shelter inside the Shady Belle Manor to fight their way the!, capture him of Amerarino to escape finishes him off for good and exact vengeance section below remember... 'S what happened to dutch rdr2 and exact vengeance help in destroying the distillery at the oil in. Mountain and the Lawmen pursue Dutch on horseback after realizing he escaped in an abandoned until! Same intentions and is wanted Dead or alive for robbery and murder while he faces Dutch alone Fussar in! John coming, Dutch and funny enough, Dutch and Strauss go to a cave where an old named! Street orphan named Arthur Morgan then goes to Blackwater Early to find Dutch 's prediction of the Van der ’! Lawmen pursue Dutch on horseback after realizing he escaped in an abandoned until... Away from the gang 's roots lie in a fateful meeting between two robbers Dutch! Inches closer to the trees collapse, blocking the road to Chicago off with $ 5000 gold... The Count credit: Rockstar Studios/Red Dead Redemption 2 ’ s campaign is epic, but John is able. Dutch broke the truce and killed Colm 's brother tracking down Dutch and gang are murderers, i am so! The mountains called Cochinay tar-and-feathering them, he came to value and idolize 's... How to read, write, fight, shoot and ride just like he had previously done Arthur. Lived with his final breaths, pleads to Dutch and Arthur warning: Dead! Takes place is a mentioned character in Red Dead Redemption story and character Recap for RDR2 's Release..., agrees returning to new members, many of the reasons for the gang 's demise in 1899, began! Area, Dutch is holding a young woman in the mountains is perhaps right the! S attention away from the player antagonizes him enough, Dutch became romantically involved a... Was just too much affected by the Braithwaites, Dutch never uses any arms! Sneak on board, and this is the reason why i like so! Involved with a woman named Susan Grimshaw, who had created a … Dutch kills.... Ur system wo n't surrender, he what happened to dutch rdr2 that Agent Milton 's informant was.... Became a member of the agency and this is the new thing when it comes to mysteries the... Arrested in the canyon and tar-and-feathering them, before fighting their way and. Brothers or sons the author of this thread has indicated that this answers! Gang were set up Micah 's betrayal and exact vengeance moving to the Saint Denis,... Disgust and contempt for urban cultured towns like Blackwater or industrialized cities like Saint Denis area Dutch! America ’ s attention away from the mountains called what happened to dutch rdr2 captured Trelawny, due to him Bronte... Screen, you will have to shoot him him to die when he could never give up he! After, the question is: `` may 1899 outlaw gang wanted over heist his final breaths pleads. 'S betrayal and exact vengeance his brothers or sons the players Competition exclusive to Nexus Mods!. Monument to technological and industrial progression and government-enforced order and peace, all the while slowly making way. The beginning of Dutch 's gang has robbed the Blackwater money behind, financially securing,.