A. NADPH B. ATP C. oxygen D. carbon dioxide E. energy intermediates. E) None of the above; all are products of photosynthesis Which by-product of photosynthesis was important in altering the atmosphere of the earth so that aerobic organisms could evolve? As you can see in the photosynthesis equation given above, the two main products of this process are glucose and oxygen. Organisms that consume preexisting organic molecules are called. The main one is glucose along with that oxygen also will be released. Tags: Question 5 . Explanation: ATP, NADPH and oxygen are products of light reaction, while NADH is a product of respiration process. This statement is factual. Biology. Plants use photosynthesis by taking in water and carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen while consuming food (glucose) for itself. (A) Oxygen (B) ATP (C) NADPH … Which of the following is NOT a product of photosynthesis? In the dark reaction, glucose is … A) glucose B) oxygern C) sugars D) carbon dioxide 55. Products of Photosynthesis Process. While oxygen is released in the atmosphere … Which of the following is not a net product or reactant of photosynthesis? 1. carbon dioxide 2. glucose 3. water 4. One is the light reaction and another one is the dark reaction. Which statement correctly identifies the role of gases in the two processes? 30 seconds . 0 votes . Join. The reactants of photosynthesis are carbon dioxide and water. The products of photosynthesis change the structure of the reactants in cellular respiration in the presence of light. K - University grade. Trending Questions. 6 views. According to my knowledge it is the product of only one specific phase of dark phase. The products are glucose and oxygen. Options (a) Oxygen (b) NADPH (c) NADH (d) ATP. In the photosynthesis, two reactions take place. Which is not a product of photosynthesis? The products in the photosynthesis equation are glucose, water, and oxygen. Therefore, your answer is nitrogen. Ask Question + 100. 1574 times. Get your answers by asking now. Trending Questions. the rise of photosynthetic organisms. Which substance from the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis is a source of energy for the light-independent reactions? Is water produced during photosynthesis? The water which is absorbed by plants is converted to hydrogen and oxygen by using energy derived from the Sun. No nitrogen is created … NEET 2018: Which of the following is not a product of light reaction of photosynthesis ? ATP 5. oxygen. Q. Photosynthesis and cellular respiration both involve the use and release of gases. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. A. glucose B. water C. nitrogen D. oxygen 2 See answers shawnkat shawnkat Hey there! The final product of the photosynthesis process is sugar. A) air B) … SURVEY . In the light reaction, ATP and NADPH are produced. It can not be sonsidered as a product of photosynthesis Which of the following is not a product of light reaction of photosynthesis? 0 0. Photosynthesis Light Reaction DRAFT. Still have questions? The product of photosynthesis is not a protein. ATP. Which of the following is NOT a product of the light reactions? asked 34 minutes ago in Other by manish56 (-18,138 points) Which of the following is NOT a product of the light reaction? Related Questions: The frequency of heart beat in … Correct Answer: NADH. which of the following is not a product of the light reactions of photosynthesis? 81% average accuracy. Water is not produces during photosynthesis. answer … raised the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere increasing polar ice caps.