If you’ve ever wondered how people from other corners of the world celebrate the Holidays, here are some of the most interesting Christmas traditions from all over the world! All products and services featured are selected by our editors. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. In the following pages, we'll take a look at Christmas traditions in countries around the world, from Sweden to Australia, from England to China. Avoid flowers with yellow colors as they represent a … The tradition is a reference to the Danish spice merchants who often had no time for marriage due to their travels around the continent. When a girl in Mexico turns 15, the occasion is celebrated with a quinceañera. The Pine Tree Emperor Moth, or Christmas caterpillar, is covered in very festive hues - giving all who swallow a little extra luck in the coming year. Children learn that all species are interconnected and interdependent. 6679 World Trade Center – Exercise; 6681 Yosemite National Park – Exercise; Customs and Traditions – Non-English speaking countries – Exercises. Almost one hundred years ago in 1920, the government of France began awarding mothers of large families with medals as a thank you for helping rebuild the population after so many were lost in World War I. 1. In no particular order, Travelstart brings you 15 weird and wonderful traditions from around the world. Denmark: Many of the world’s New Year’s traditions revolve around the stroke of midnight: fireworks blasting off, the ball dropping, kissing a loved one, toasting with champagne, etc. It makes the children feel responsible, grown-up, and proud to be going to school. Sad about family Christmas traditions that you can’t do this year? It is also now celebrated around the world. Some light candles in the window; others wait for Santa bearing gifts. Translate Family traditions around the world. In the United Kingdom, our culture is built on many traditions that we uphold every year. The kickoff to first grade is a big deal in Germany, as my American family learned while living in Berlin. Move your family traditions beyond pizza and game night with these thoughtful ideas that strengthen your connection to your kids, your family, and the world around you. Turning 50 in The Netherlands is a big deal. In China, a celebration is held when a baby turns 100 days old. When it’s somebody’s birthday in Denmark (and several other Scandinavian countries), a flag is flown outside their house so everybody knows that someone’s birthday is being celebrated. On “gift night,” people sit in a circle with hot drinks, and everyone reads the poem they receive out loud. I've learned that the real gift is the love that goes into the poem. You're taking time to compose something special, letting someone know what they mean to you. The poem usually has puns and is funny—the more mischievous and personal, the better. Nowadays,the traditional gift on this special day for mums is a cake in the shape of a flower. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations. Classic examples of family traditions One of the classic examples of family traditions of the modern era is the family traditions of the present royal family of Great Britain. 9. Photo by Jack Berry via CC 2.0. Whether it be a religious gala, a celebration to mark the changing of the season, a rite to ward off evil or a ritual to manifest good fortune, taking part or just observing cultural traditions around the world can make for an unforgettable travel experience.. For this new post series, I’ve teamed up with more … Just as we do throughout the year, we also want to celebrate the cultures, festivities and traditions from around the world during the holiday season. All around the world there are some amazing, fun, quirky, creepy, down-right freaky traditions that have been followed for sometimes hundreds of years! In the United Kingdom, our culture is built on many traditions that we uphold every year. How much should you tip your hairdresser? The gifts given to the child to mark this special day range from bracelets to hand-made shoes depicting the head of a tiger, signifying the hope that the child will one day grow up to be as strong as a tiger themselves. Every country has its own New Year's family traditions and customs that are believed to bring luck and prosperity. Close the distance with fun games you can play from the comfort of separate homes. Or the reason why a bunch of people choose to hurl themselves down a steep hill in pursuit of a large wheel of cheese each year? Going for walks – Not only is it great for your health to get some fresh air, it’s a great way to clear your mind and appreciate the little things in the world around you. EMAIL. The chance to explore other lands, foods, customs, and cultures was sorely missed by many of us at Mommy Poppins. The midwinter festival of Yule has been celebrated by the Germanic peoples since at least the 4th century.Yule, which is also called … Here are ten of the most bizarre traditions from around the world that will make your jaw drop! Secret handshake – Develop a secret handshake with your kids. When we moved back to the United States, we replicated Einschulung for my son. The most popular event of the Christmas season is called … When I go back to my family’s home in Japan, I still feel a spiritual connection to my ancestors as I make offerings at the butsudan—a bowl of rice, flowers for my grandmother, a can of beer for my grandfather. A Christmas tradition is an activity, routine, or ritual done every year on or near Christmas Day. Well, we’re about to reveal a list of 15 rather strange sexual rituals practiced around the world. In Trinidad and Tobago, where I grew up, storytelling happens anytime, anywhere—not just at bedtime. The celebration usually begins with a mass in church, followed by dinner and dancing with friends and family, along with several special traditions. Every family celebrates the holidays a little differently. Mom and Dad kissed, and then the whole family toasted with cocoa or sparkling cider and shouted, “Happy New Year!” Little did I know … Caracas, Venezuela – Roller-Skating to Church Our first stop brings us … Before you enjoy a meal at a Japanese home, it’s generally required for you to remove your shoes and meals often take place sitting on tatami or straw floors. 2020-09-07. In Germany, it's tradition for people to eat potato salad and sausages on Christmas Eve. We asked a group of families around the world to share with us their celebrations. You might be … Here are some of the fascinating family traditions we’ve discovered from around the world to help inspire your own family’s precious time spent together. The country has a rich history, and because of this, there are many public holidays. Sinterklaas is based on the historical figure, Saint Nicholas, who wears a long red robe. She lives in Bangalore, India. If we don’t mark our history, we may lose an important part of who we are. I’m sure your family has a variety of Christmas traditions you use to make the holiday special for your kids – from decorating the tree together to opening a special gift on Christmas eve. Her school welcomed students with an assembly; afterward, families gave the children Schultüten—large paper or plastic cones filled with school supplies and sweets. It involves the sawing of the teeth, and women who undergo teeth chiseling are considered extremely beautiful. For that reason, it’s important to start new family traditions while keeping up with the old traditions. Here are the many beautiful and joyous celebrations, big and small, they shared with us from different corners of the world. Abraham and Sarah are a Dutch birthday tradition observed when someone reaches 50 years of age. Creating meaningful family Christmas traditions makes the holiday season a magical time of year. There are those who prefer to put their elderly in home care or keep them in the family. 6. Here's when to tip, when to skip, and how much to tip in any situation (even the confusing ones). Choose the flowers you give to a Russian. 15. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. In fact, humans love doing this so much that the world has been enriched with thousands of different cultures since the dawn of civilization. What about your food-delivery person? 33 3 minutes read. Heartwarming pregnancy and birth traditions around the world Stars Insider. Unique cultural traditions around the world. So if you’re looking for … All cultures in the world are unique and interesting, so it's logical that parents want their kids to be successors of their customs. Origins of Christmas; Fun Christmas Traditions; Traditional Christmas Dinners; Traditional Christmas Songs SHARE. I've followed this tradition in both India and the United States with my daughters. Offers may be subject to change without notice. In China, a celebration is held when a baby turns 100 days old. Pregnancy and childbirth may be a universal experience, but each culture celebrates baby’s arrival in its own way. Pick a day for an annual visit to a petting zoo, butterfly garden, family-friendly farm, or horse stable where you can feed the animals or help care for them. For that reason, it’s important to start new family traditions while keeping up with the old traditions. The chance to explore other lands, foods, customs, and cultures was sorely missed by many of us at Mommy Poppins. It may be something as simple as visiting Grandma’s on Christmas Day for lunch, having pancakes for breakfast on a Sunday or waking up early to open presents on your birthday. The world has surprised you several times by revealing some “interesting” facts. Parents, siblings and relatives congratulate children on becoming a year older with red envelopes containing lucky money. Thaipusam - The festival of piercings 2. It can be elaborate and complex or simple yet meaningful, such as squeezing their hand three times to signify the words ‘I love you’. Christmas Eve traditions vary widely around the world. Some may find these practices repulsive but it can’t be helped especially since it’s already a part of the culture. A man who reaches this age is said to ‘see Abraham’ and a woman is said to ‘see Sarah’. All over the world, families, and cultures have unique traditions celebrated in the fall. Create a deeper bond with your past, present, and future family by preserving your family traditions from holidays around the world. Shoba Narayan is the author of The Milk Lady of Bangalore: An Unexpected Adventure. German children also receive a large paper cones on their first day of school which is filled with school supplies and treats. Family Christmas traditions are repeated yearly both to celebrate Christmas and create memories that last. These are the most unusual Christmas traditions around the world. Advertisement . So, to celebrate the end of the year, we thought it would be fun to plan a trip around the world without ever leaving the house. In the Netherlands, families exchange not only gifts but also poems during Sinterklaas, the Dutch winter holiday season. Here are a few traditional holidays around the world you may not have heard of. In Iceland, children begin celebrating Yule (Christmas) thirteen nights before the date. 1. DECEMBER 6 DECEMBER 12 DECEMBER 24 SUNDOWN OF DECEMBER 7 - DECEMBER 8 DECEMBER 16-24 Advent Traditions Around the World

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