offers the highest quality in fish replicas today. Actually there are places that specialize in just fish, making fiberglass replicas. Our fish mount production team is constantly producing fish replicas to put into our In Stock Fish Mount section and we hope you can find something that suites your needs. But you can get a taxidermy from a picture. Say you land that trophy fish and you want to have a mount to remember the moment. We have a variety of fish mounts in here including our half mounts and full mounts. We painstakingly create replicas of nature. KSM's Saltwater Fish Mounts represent the most sought-after species of the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean. If you want to learn about fish taxidermy, Rick Krane is your man. This segment might help you decide how to best preserve that memory. Most freshwater species can be traditionally mounted (skin mounts) or be reproduced into a fiberglass replica. Painted to match your photos at no additonal cost. Since 1976 Coast-to-Coast Fish Mounts, a division of Northeast Taxidermy Studios, has mounted thousands of fish for serious anglers around the world as well as the top marinas, charter boat captains, professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities alike. Our reproductions of fish and fish mounts are of the highest quality. With PhotoTaxidermy, simply snap a picture of your catch, upload it to our site, and have an exact replica printed out and sent to your front door! We can create a customized trophy mount of any freshwater fish species imaginable. All we need is the length and girth of your actual fish and we will do the rest. I would call around to your local taxidermist shops. We know how important this is. He has been teaching taxidermy since 1991, has created a handful of do-it-yourself DVDS and has instructed students from all over the world. Available in just a few weeks. Browse Advanced Taxidermy's high resolution photos of Fish Reproduction and Fish Mount projects. If you are looking to get that special bass mounted, you are in the right place. Our world-class artists handcraft and paint custom fresh-water fish mounts with impeccable detail and color so vibrant and strikingly realistic, you think it’s a live fish. Just give them estimates on the size and they should have no problem replicating it. Within this category you can see all of our fish mounts that are in stock and ready to ship. (Thank you Doug for your knowledge, experience, stories, and friendship!) Each magnificent rendition is a display of brilliance and accuracy--a timeless personal reminder--and a testimonial to friends and family of … General Cost depends on the size of the fish, and the taxidermest. Saltwater Fish Mounts. They're so life like you'll swear you just saw them move. Most saltwater species must be reproduced into a replica. Other sizes available! Getting a taxidermy involves wasteful and dangerous materials that harm the environment or require the catch to be present in order to be complete. By combining 40 years of molding experience and today's technology, The Pierce Bros. and crew are able to create the most life-like fish replicas money can buy.

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