AC7FA Tries Just Rolling With It

So here I was working a side band contest…. I really haven’t seriously worked any SSB in a long time and decided it was time. The Radio Club of Tacoma, W7DK, opened the clubhouse for the contest and even fired up the old Drake desktop amp. After dinner, I went on out to see what was happening and to see who was making noise. I found Gary, WG7X, at the big switch. The club’s new president, Jill, K7JIL, settled in to make a few Qs. Pete, KK7QW, was in front of the radio zero-beating the stations on the band. I took a turn at the keyboard, hoping to ‘tune’ my ears for SSB instead of my accustomed CW. And I was feeling a little mic-shy. In standard, obnoxious OM fashion, I tried to assert my so-called expertise and suggested CQ would be the best thing to do rather than jumping around the band. Not a disaster but not brilliant results either. Oh, well; I just rolled with it. The N3FJP logging software isn’t my favorite but I have to admit that when you use the input like it was intended, N3FJP handles the Sweepstakes exchange brilliantly. I just needed to roll with it. I was hoping for a club-related event during Sweeps CW but I didn’t do anything to organize it so I can’t complain. I turned out for SSB to just roll with it. And I really had a good time.

November Sweepstakes has a rich tradition of bringing in relatively new contesters to radiosport. One of the grand OMs of W7DK, a ham of tremendous influence and inspiration, Jerry Seligman, W7BUN, started a contest club to inspire others to get into the excitement of contesting. W7BUN was quite ill when I joined the club so I never was able to get to know him. His shoes are clearly hard to fill though some are doing what they can. Al Ferguson, N7OMS, organized the W7DK clubhouse opening. Nick Winter, K7MO, has taken the reigns of N7PP and invites fresh contesters to take their experience to the next level. These folks are stepping up and I admire them for it. Besides, I get to have good fun with folks at the clubhouse and really enjoy the company I get to keep with N7PP.

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