Radio is more fun with eyeball QSOs

I had the pleasure of meeting and greeting many of my radio friends this weekend at the large, regional Mic and Key hamfest. Having some face-to-face contact with other hams develops a covalent bond of our shared interest in amateur radio in general and sub-interests within the hobby. I think a unique relationship develops especially […]

What a Difference Sunspots Make

I worked a little DX during the ARRL DX CW contest last weekend. It was very pleasing to work Europe on 15 meters at 100 watts and a ground mounted vertical antenna. One of the French contacts reported their power as 5. Now if that was really QRP, then they had a great mix of […]

Salmon Run Site Location

Salmon Run Site Location

“The Wheat Field” is what the USGS map says our Salmon Run location is. From the photos, it doesn’t look like much wheat is there at all. In this picture, you can sort of see the end of the Forest Service road that leads up to the camp. The US Geological Survey provides quadrangle maps […]

Salmon Run 2009 With N7PP

The N7PP multi-two county expedition will be in Columbia county this year. We will be camping again this year but about 1,000 feet lower than last year. View a Map From the photos, the site looks beautiful with scrub pines and a grassy meadow. I suspect we will practically own the Salmon Run this year. […]