Iambic to USB Hardware Working

Iambic to USB Hardware Working

Here is my Iambic USB hardware. This little device accepts Iambic key input and sends it to the USB port on my computer. The Teensy 2.0 looks like a keyboard to the computer so no special drivers or software are needed for the key to work. I have used Visual Studio a lot so it […]

Iambic Key to Computer Project

I ordered one of these Teensy 2.0 boards so I could build this iambic key to keyboard widget. Making something with a PIC controller has been in the back of my mind for some time and the idea that I might be able to practice sending CW sweetened the deal.

Unexpected Morse

Even though it’s not ham radio related, I enjoy the Boing Boing podcast Gweek. I was surprised to hear a ‘secret’ message at the end of the show #39. It’s just a little quote. SCIENCE HAS EXPLAINED NOTHING. THE MORE WE KNOW THE MORE FANTASTIC THE WORLD BECOMES AND THE PROFOUNDER THE SURROUNDING DARKNESS. Gweek […]

Insomnia Has Benefits

Insomnia Has Benefits

I woke up in the middle of the night and worked Christmas Island and a couple other countries. Sleeplessness with benefits.

Mixing the K3, a K1EL keyer, and Writelog

I worked through the settings I need to get Writelog 10.83 working with my rig setup. For CW, I’m using a K1EL Winkeyer USB and for PTT for data modes I’m using a USB to serial adapter. Problem was that the computer would throw the K3 into transmit mode as soon as I started Writelog. […]

K3 Smiley Face

I’m pleased to have my K3 back. Apparently a transistor in the I.F. stage failed. Rene at Elecraft called me and explained the problem and what was done to repair it. I look forward to many years of use ahead. One good thing is that everything is calibrated to factory standards now. All I need […]

K3 Frowny Face

After only a few days, my new K3/100 pooped out. I got a HI SIG message even though there aren’t any other signal sources in my shack. I e-mailed Elecraft and got a nice message back describing some diagnostic steps I could take. However, the even if I completed the steps I was going to […]

New Rig

My new rig is an Elecraft K3 s/n 5005. I bought the 100W version with antenna tuner, voice keyer, 400 Hz and 2.8k Hz 8-pole filters, and the transverter interface. This is only the 3rd rig I’ve had since I was first licensed in 1999 and I’m very pleased with it. I assembled the radio […]

The Salmon Ran: CW Report

The adventure is over but the record will stand for a while. At N7BV, the CW camp put up some big numbers. QSO count is 1,117 with 120 multipliers for a score of 535,680 on CW. We hit a fantastic run of Europeans on Sunday and that really pushed our multiplier number up. Not too […]