Insomnia Has Benefits

Insomnia Has Benefits

I woke up in the middle of the night and worked Christmas Island and a couple other countries. Sleeplessness with benefits.

The Salmon Ran: CW Report

The adventure is over but the record will stand for a while. At N7BV, the CW camp put up some big numbers. QSO count is 1,117 with 120 multipliers for a score of 535,680 on CW. We hit a fantastic run of Europeans on Sunday and that really pushed our multiplier number up. Not too […]

Salmon Run X-Treme!

The N7PP crew (current all time high score record holder) will be working as W7DX during this year’s Washington State QSO party a.k.a. The Salmon Run. 500 bonus points are awarded for each contact with the Western Washington DX Club during the event making W7DX one very popular station to call. W7DX will be in […]

WriteLog Module for CWJF Manchester Mineira

I wrote a series of blog posts describing how to write a contest module for WriteLog. In 2009 I started writing a contest module for the CWJF┬áManchester Mineira All America contest. The CWJF club sent out a nice brochure with the rules and the winners for 2009 and that spurred me into writing version 1 […]

What a Difference Sunspots Make

I worked a little DX during the ARRL DX CW contest last weekend. It was very pleasing to work Europe on 15 meters at 100 watts and a ground mounted vertical antenna. One of the French contacts reported their power as 5. Now if that was really QRP, then they had a great mix of […]

Salmon Run Site Location

Salmon Run Site Location

“The Wheat Field” is what the USGS map says our Salmon Run location is. From the photos, it doesn’t look like much wheat is there at all. In this picture, you can sort of see the end of the Forest Service road that leads up to the camp. The US Geological Survey provides quadrangle maps […]

Salmon Run 2009 With N7PP

The N7PP multi-two county expedition will be in Columbia county this year. We will be camping again this year but about 1,000 feet lower than last year. View a Map From the photos, the site looks beautiful with scrub pines and a grassy meadow. I suspect we will practically own the Salmon Run this year. […]

WriteLog – A New Old Logging Program

I operated at a big-gun contest station, W7VJ, where they use WriteLog therefore, I’m re-familiarizing myself with it. Three years ago, I gave up Writelog because N1MM had finally matured to the point where, at least, it didn’t crash all the time and the price was right. WriteLog has a large share of the contest […]

Load up little pistols. This contest is for you.

Mix together the NCCC Thursday sprint with a little World Radiosport Team Championship and a little sailing regatta handicapping and you get the Locust QSO Party. Rick, K6VVA a.k.a. The Locust, organized the first LQP to celebrate his 50th anniversary as a ham. 2009 will be the third running of the “LQP – 52st Anniversary […]

Wooot! K7OG Will Certainly Make It To K5ZD's Partial Check DB

I know K7OG will be K5ZD’s super check partial lookup database because I worked K5ZD during the ARRL RTTY Round Up. Hah! I don’t have to depend on submitting a log or hoping for some other operator to submit their log. The RTTY Round Up contest was pretty fun. Just casually, I worked over 100 […]