Field Day Thoughts: Good 80M, Challenging 15M

Challenging conditions on 15M didn’t spoil the fun at Field Day this year. In spite of the extended solar minimum, we made 32 CW contacts and 54 SSB contacts. A good many of the SSB contacts were made by two kids under 18 years of age. The GOTA station has operators in search and pounce […]

Field Day Anticipation – N1MM Prep

Although my club likes to use N3FJP’s Field Day software, I would rather not. Let me explain. For the most part, I can get along with any software for 24 hours without a problem. I just hate the way Field Day 2.8 handles the Esc key. Here’s my beef: when you hit Esc, the three […]

QSO With NT6X in the CQ WPX CW

Here is a sound clip of a QSO during the CQ WPX contest. I’m pounding on the bug.

RadioSport circa 1973

K5TR has some recordings of Dick Norton, N6AA (ex.W6DGH) working the ARRL Sweepstakes CW in 1973. Listening to everything from WA1MZV’s chirpy signal to K4LDR’s clear signal makes me wonder what these OM’s rigs looked like. If I think of it, I need to check the W7DK club QST collection to see what equipment was […]

It looks official – scores posted for 2007 ARRL 160M

It looks official – scores posted for 2007 ARRL 160M

The ARRL posted the results of the 2007 160M contest in their members only contest scores database. I have the second best score in the WWA section for my class and placed 111th out of 525 entries for class B stations. I’ll be looking for my call in a future issue of QST. There is […]

First Strait Key Contact

As I write this, I’m working the SKCC sprint-a-thon. I made my first strait key contact with Russ, W0CCA, on 13-APR-2008. I used my Lionel J-38, 100 watts, and a little sweat. I was joking with Nick at the radio club that 80M at Field Day this year would be done with a strait key, […]

w00t! We Rocked Washington State!

Last September, I joined some friends in a county expedition for the Washington State QSO Party, a.k.a. The Salmon Run. Word is that N7PP earned the top score in Washington. This marks my first top score working a contest in a multi-op, multi-radio, high-power class group. Have a look at where we operated from.

Sleep Deprivation and the CQWW CW

I’m tired. Really tired. My eyes feel like two sandy golf balls. Conditions were terrific for the CQWW CW contest this year. I worked a ton of Pacific stations including VK and ZL which is difficult for my modest station at the ‘bottom of the cycle.’ (Can’t wait until ‘bottom of the cycle’ is past […]

The Salmon Ran: Washington QSO Party 2007

The Salmon Ran: Washington QSO Party 2007

I operated in the Salmon Run a.k.a. the Washington State QSO party with the South Hill Contest Club, N7PP. Nick Winter, K7MO, and Harry Hudson, K7LAZ, organized a county expedition to Asotin county. The rest of the team consisted of Linda Adams, KE7FKX, Alan Lentz, W7AML, and myself. Harry’s XYL Carol came along as well […]

New N1MM to Morse Runner EXE version

I used Autohotkey’s facility for creating a Windows program from a script so now you can use my N1MM to Morse Runner connector without installing Autohotkey. All you need is N1MM, Morse Runner, and the program file. This version of the connector has all of the functionality of the previous version without the additional installation […]