Mixing the K3, a K1EL keyer, and Writelog

I worked through the settings I need to get Writelog 10.83 working with my rig setup. For CW, I’m using a K1EL Winkeyer USB and for PTT for data modes I’m using a USB to serial adapter. Problem was that the computer would throw the K3 into transmit mode as soon as I started Writelog. […]

K3 Smiley Face

I’m pleased to have my K3 back. Apparently a transistor in the I.F. stage failed. Rene at Elecraft called me and explained the problem and what was done to repair it. I look forward to many years of use ahead. One good thing is that everything is calibrated to factory standards now. All I need […]

K3 Frowny Face

After only a few days, my new K3/100 pooped out. I got a HI SIG message even though there aren’t any other signal sources in my shack. I e-mailed Elecraft and got a nice message back describing some diagnostic steps I could take. However, the even if I completed the steps I was going to […]

New Rig

My new rig is an Elecraft K3 s/n 5005. I bought the 100W version with antenna tuner, voice keyer, 400 Hz and 2.8k Hz 8-pole filters, and the transverter interface. This is only the 3rd rig I’ve had since I was first licensed in 1999 and I’m very pleased with it. I assembled the radio […]

High Tech in 1924

The cutting edge for instant messaging in 1924. I can’t resist thinking about how far communication has come and certainly how far it will go.

Hams are so clever

I was searching Lulu for ham radio related books when I found a little ham radio ‘zine that I never knew existed called Antentop. The English translation is a little off but not so bad that you can’t understand what is going on. Radio-speak is pretty universal anyway. Go have a look at this tiny […]

Zilched in San Francisco

Zilched in San Francisco

My second attempt at dragging a QRP rig with me on a business trip was better than the first but still yeilded zero contacts. I blew my first attempt in Portland by not testing my keyer with the radio, ending up with no way to key the rig. This week I took my MMR-40 QRP […]

The K1EL WinKeyer2 USB kit was a slam dunk

It only took a little over two hours of careful building to complete my new K1EL WinKeyer USB. The high quality PC board made assembly very easy because the pads were tinned so well. My only complaint is that the box lacked attention to little details but that does not detract from how well these […]

How to make a key rug with support

How to make a key rug with support

I am a little ham-fisted (heh) with my key at times and needed something to keep it in place. Magic Cover Grip works great. I cut a piece 4 inches wide and 20 inches long, rolled up the excess for a wrist rest, and glued the roll together with Liquid Nails Perfect Glue 1. The […]

Antenna 1 Wind Storm 0

My antenna survived the big wind storm of December 2006. Our power was knocked out for four days. We were luckier than some who’s power was out for seven or more days. I use a ground mounted SteppIR BigIR on a tip-over mount. When the wind came up, I took the antenna down. Deed restrictions […]