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Iambic to USB Hardware Working

Iambic to USB Hardware Working

Here is my Iambic USB hardware. This little device accepts Iambic key input and sends it to the USB port on my computer. The Teensy 2.0 looks like a keyboard to the computer so no special drivers or software are needed for the key to work. I have used Visual Studio a lot so it […]

Iambic Key to Computer Project

I ordered one of these Teensy 2.0 boards so I could build this iambic key to keyboard widget. Making something with a PIC controller has been in the back of my mind for some time and the idea that I might be able to practice sending CW sweetened the deal.

Keying Three Ways

I use three methods to key my rig: an Iambic paddle, a bug, and the keyboard. I’m not really counting the J-38 strait key since it’s rarely connected. Lately I’ve been using the bug so much that I was loosing touch with the paddles. While listening for stations I haven’t worked during the K3Y operating […]

Learn CW with a computer

I’m working on a presentation for the W7DK radio club to be presented in July. Here is the draft.

RadioSport circa 1973

K5TR has some recordings of Dick Norton, N6AA (ex.W6DGH) working the ARRL Sweepstakes CW in 1973. Listening to everything from WA1MZV’s chirpy signal to K4LDR’s clear signal makes me wonder what these OM’s rigs looked like. If I think of it, I need to check the W7DK club QST collection to see what equipment was […]

New bug; well new to me anyway

I bought a bug on ebay this week. Any purchase on ebay involves a good chunk of luck and my fortunes were good. I paid a fair price, not the lowest, not the highest, for a Vibroplex Standard Deluxe. It’s a chrome beauty in decent shape with a little cracking on the dash knob. The […]

First Bug Contacts: McElroy S-600 on the Air

I worked a handful of stations during the MI and Ontario QSO parties from the Radio Club of Tacoma, W7DK, clubhouse last Saturday. The club station rig is a TenTec Omni-VI and Rich, KR7W, helped me connect the club’s McElroy S-600 bug to the TenTec. Usually the bug is connected to the club’s ‘Old Oak […]

First Strait Key Contact

As I write this, I’m working the SKCC sprint-a-thon. I made my first strait key contact with Russ, W0CCA, on 13-APR-2008. I used my Lionel J-38, 100 watts, and a little sweat. I was joking with Nick at the radio club that 80M at Field Day this year would be done with a strait key, […]

I've got the 'Bug' Bug

I've got the 'Bug' Bug

My friend Pete, KK7QW, has piqued my interest in semi-automatic keys. The club museum, W7OS, has a collection of keys and one of them is available for hands on operating, usually attached to the old oak rig. This key is a McElroy model S-600 and is in very good shape. It operates smoothly, though it […]

New Antique or AC7FA Caves In

New Antique or AC7FA Caves In

OK. So I said that operating old equipment now and then is fun but I’m not interested in owning any. Well… I bought some old equipment. At the Mic and Key hamfest in Puyallup a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a WWII vintage J-38 strait key. The key is in pretty good shape […]