Morse Code

N1MM for a year

N1MM has been my contesting software for a year now and I could not be more pleased. The software has been solid, easy to configure, and full of features that I find very useful. The custom key combination I was using the most this year was Alt-‘ to change between my wide and narrow CW […]

Now Playing! Morse code

For fun, I’m adding Morse code to the end of my articles. The player will remain until it breaks after which I will just leave a link to the MP3 files. The code will consist of excerpts from my articles and be sent at 18 WPM for now. The CW sound files are generated with […]

How to break a CW barrier?

I read this in the Solid Copy CW Yahoo group today and it deserves to be quoted in its entirety: Most of us have experienced the problem (been plagued with it?) of dwelling on a missed character to the point of missing the next several in a row. Using the following exercise I totally eliminated […]

Download my CW practice files

I mashed these files together from a mix of various text files from several sources. Feed these files into your CW practice software and learn to recognize some common words and exchanges. My practice tends to favor contest exchanges but I included a file of short words. At this time, I’m working on recognizing words […]

Workin' a little CW

I worked a handful of stations during the Texas QSO party. This time, I could hear more stations than I could work. Obviously, Texas is a big state and there are a ton of counties, 254. The size of the state has little to do with how many counties there are, though. Georga has 159, […]

Washington State QSO party: The Salmon Run

I managed to make enough contacts to submit a log for this year’s Salmon Run contest. The minimum is 100 Qs for in-state stations and I exceeded the minimum by twenty or so. We’ll see how many after scoring is done. I may have gone a little crazy with band changes. I worked this contest […]

My FISTS Number is 12630

I joined The International Morse Preservation Society FISTS CW Club. My XYL asked if that was another one of those comb-over clubs. At least that’s what I heard her say. I don’t qualifiy for a hair club, though, its a Morse code club for amateur radio. What’s the difference, she asks. Listen for another weak […]

My Morse Runner score is slowly climbing

My latest Morse Runner score is 118 Q’s and 98 multipliers for 11,564 points on 2006-09-07. That still puts me in the lower half of the posted scores. The first score I ever posted was 42 Q’s and 40 multipliers. On the N1MM message board, Mike Kopacki, NJ2OM, says he is working on a practice […]

K1EL WinKeyer Programming

I’m working on a .NET assembly to interface the K1EL WinKeyer to .NET programs. My object uses .NET 2.0 which has really good serial device support. The code is VB.NET because that is the standard where I work. My WinKeyer assembly will work with any of the .NET languages, though. In the coming weeks, I […]

Field Day 2006: I'm working 80 CW

I’ll be working stations on 80 CW this year at the Radio Club of Tacoma’s site. After hundreds of hours of practice, this is the big show. 80M should be pretty busy this year because we are at or near the bottom of the sunspot cycle. Granted, 80 will not be nearly as busy as […]