Lucky VK9DWX Contact

I was very lucky and caught the VK9DWX DXpedition on 15M CW. My rig here is 100W to a ground mounted vertical at about sea level in Western Washington. On a lazy Saturday morning, like many hams I’m sure, I was just tuning around to see what I could hear. On 15M I stumbled on […]

Alaska Quarter Surprise!

Alaska Quarter Surprise!

The United States Treasury released the newest commemorative quarter-dollar this month. Imagine my surprise when I took a really close look at the details. Lipstick!

Ken Burn's Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio

Though Empire of the Air is not about amateur radio specifically, the film does present an interesting look at three major players during the early days of radio David Sarnoff, Lee de Forest and Edwin Howard Armstrong. The film does not delve deeply into the technical aspects of radio so much as the interactions between […]

Driving an Old Car is Fun

Driving an Old Car is Fun

Until now, I haven’t had any experience with tube type radio equipment. My first was during this year’s ARRL 160 Meter CW contest. The experience left an impression. I operated K7MO’s Drake 4-Line rig which seemed to me to have nicer sound than my solid state IC-718. Signals had a little more depth and warmer […]

First 160 Meter Contacts Start With a Bang!

First 160 Meter Contacts Start With a Bang!

Nick, K7MO, set me up with two big-ass antennas and got me on the air for the ARRL 160 Meter CW contest. He needed to work out the bugs in his Beverage and I needed 160M contacts. For my effort, I was able to make 332 contacts and score over 52,000 points. In my opinion, […]

New to me anyway… Echolink and VoIP

I dipped my toe into amateur voice over IP this weekend using EchoLink to contact a small group of QRPers. Since the system is so new to me the experience was pretty fun. My first contact was in the QRP Conference that meets every Sunday at 0200 UTC. It was just like a conference call. […]

Ward Silver, N0AX, speaks at the Radio Club of Tacoma

If you get the chance, talk to Ward Silver, N0AX, about his experience with the K7C dx-pedition to Kure island in 2006. The talk he gave in Tacoma was fantastic. Ward has a couple of books out, “Ham Radio for Dummies,” and “Two-way Radios and Scanners for Dummies.” Despite the dummy in the title, the […]

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