Operated CQ World Wide CW with N7BV

I had the great pleasure of meeting some new friends this last weekend during CQWW CW. I had limited time to spend working the contest and really pushed the limits with time away from the family during a holiday. My operating hours were limited to 19:00 PST to 01:00 PST. Early on Sunday I worked a lot of JA stations on 40M. Worked England on 80M Friday night which was new for me having never worked any Europe on 80 meters before. I picked up a few mults on the first night but very few on the second night.

Chuck, N7BV emailed me at 15:00 on Sunday and said they were at 1,255 Q’s, 1.1 million points, and that I’ll be on the email list for contests now. So I guess I didn’t embarrass myself too bad. All ops were relaxed and friendly the entire time I was there. They let me work whichever band I wanted as long as I wanted. The bands were relatively quiet during the hours I was there except for the big gun, DX stations and their giant pile-ups. I worked S&P and CQ about 50/50. Jim, K7WA, went to bed fairly soon after I got there and got up at 01:00 just before I left. Chuck packed it in at about 11:00. Not sure what Matt’s schedule was. The rigs and computers worked fine with packet feeding N1MM the spots.

We used two Elecraft K3s for the contest and it knocked the ICOM PROIII off my wish list. The filters are amazing. Both rigs were outfitted with the stock 2.7k filter then the 1.8k and 400 INRADs. Neither rig had the second receiver installed yet. The K3 controls are easy to get used to. I really liked the REV VFO button that just switched A/B while you held it down. I could hold a CQ frequency and check the spots to see if I could hear the DX station, listen now and then for the pile to thin and work ’em. I’m sure other rigs have this but I hadn’t used it before. That would be a killer feature with the second receiver installed, almost SO2R except you have to release the CQ freq to work the S&P with a chance of loosing the freq.

Warmest gratitude for the chance to work some excellent DX to the three operators that really did the heavy lifting: Chuck, N7BV, Jim, K7WA, and Matt, KQ7W. I learned, I had fun, and I made new friends. Three of the best parts of the amateur radio hobby.

CLUB: Western Washington DX Club

Claimed score:

Band QSOs Points Countries CQ Zones
1.8 25 55 9 10
3.5 223 530 38 20
7 324 890 65 27
14 580 1439 84 31
21 162 398 45 21
28 3 5 3 2
Total 1,317 3,317 244 111
Score: 1,177,535

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