Down 10…

… pounds that is. This is a bit off topic but hang in there with me. You have to admit that when one gets to a certain age, health issues come up in conversation more and more; you know, beyond the usual, ‘how are you doing.’ At the W7DK club meetings, a standard agenda item is to ask the group for reports of illness or silent-key among our membership and the ham community. The tradition is somewhat quaint but very personal, especially after getting to know more and more people in the club. Radio amateurs as a group are aging of course and life will go on. Amateur radio as a hobby is a bit sedentary with bursts of high energy now and then, at least the way I participate in it. Maybe I noticed that I’m loosing a step or two, hearing a bit less, and having a bit less energy, even though I’m reasonably healthy and have been lucky so far. All perfectly natural in the course of ones life. I’m fond of saying that you make your own luck so to manufacture a little personal fortune, I started a super simple health plan which includes the exercise room at my office and eating a little less. As a result of my commuting schedule, I have 30 minutes every morning to sweat a little. I weigh every day, measure what I eat (not even changing what I eat that much), and have dropped a very modest pound or so a week. I hope the pay-off is a higher capacity for long contests, Field Day setup and breakdown, and the occasional county expedition for Salmon Run. The amateur radio hobby isn’t totally sedentary of course. Fox hunts and hiking with a QRP rig mix exercise and radio nicely. Bicycle mobile is another interesting mix of workout and radio. I think I’ll try code practice on the exercise machine this winter. So wish me luck and hope to see you on the air for a long time to come.

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  1. k3ng

    Congratulations! I lost 60 pounds last year and I feel 10 years younger. I hope you reach your goal, whatever it may be.


    (My diet “secrets”: )

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