Download my CW practice files

I mashed these files together from a mix of various text files from several sources. Feed these files into your CW practice software and learn to recognize some common words and exchanges. My practice tends to favor contest exchanges but I included a file of short words. At this time, I’m working on recognizing words at a time rather than just letters. I’m also trying to ‘copy behind’ to speed up my CW copy.

The files:
ShortWords.txt – A list of common short words to practice recognizing the word rather than copying letter by letter.

StateAbbreviations.txt – The state abbreviations are a common part of contest exchanges. It is helpful to recognize them for sprints, for example.

ARRLSections2006.txt – Two big ARRL events, November Sweepstakes and Field Day, use these section abbreviations. I took these from the ARRL web page before field day 2006. Copying exchanges from these two events is much easier if you recognize the sections.

StatesAndProvinces.txt – North American contests often include Canada. It is best to know the province names and abbreviations.

CallGivenName.txt – I generated this from the FRIEND.INI file generally used for RTTY contests. I edited a few of the names because CW ops tend to shorten their names in QSOs and contests. The calls and names are real so if you practice with this file, you may well find that you can quickly connect a name with a call.

TwoWordPhrases.txt – For ‘copy behind’ and word recognition practice. Try to anticipate the next word while copying the first.

SimulatedNovSweeps.txt – I created a bunch of simulated November Sweepstakes exchanges. The calls areas, 0-9, match the ARRL sections, which helps you anticipate which ARRL section will be part of the QSO. The section and call pairs are random as well as the check numbers and class letters.

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  1. Dan AD6JY

    Thanks for making these available!

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