CW Practice Files

CW Practice Files
I created some text files filled with common words for practicing CW using Nu-Morse. Other CW training software will also play a text file for you. The simulated exchanges were generated using Excel and have a loose connection to reality. I did make an effort to use a reasonable State names or ARRL sections for given call signs.

  • ShortWords.txt – Common short words
  • StateAbbreviations.txt – United States name abbreviations
  • ARRLSections2006.txt – ARRL section abbreviations from field day and SS
  • StatesAndProvinces.txt – Combinded United States and Canada provinces
  • CallGivenName.txt – Call/Given name pairs from FRIEND.INI
  • TwoWordPhrases.txt – words that are commonly paired together
  • SimulatedNovSweeps.txt – Simulated ARRL November sweepstakes exchanges

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  1. Steve Burton, AF7MS

    Thank you very much for creating and posting these files. It will save me the time & trouble to create something similar myself.
    73, Steve AF7MS

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