N1MM to Morse Runner Connector

N1MM to Morse Runner Connector
I wrote a connector to mix N1MM Contest Logger and Morse Runner together. The program lets you log contacts from Morse Runner in N1MM. Setting up is easy. Install N1MM and Morse Runner. In N1MM, switch to CW mode. N1MM should not be connected to your rig so make sure none of the COM ports are set up for rig control. The N1MM entry window should have the words “CW Manual” at the top:
N1MM Entry Window Title

Start a new CQ WPX contest log. Be sure to enable the “Running” check box on the entry window. I also recommend using ESM mode in N1MM because Morse Runner works that way.

Run either the stand-alone version or the script version of the connector. Once you run the Autohotkey script, there will be a little H icon near the Windows clock.
Autohotkey Icon

Once you have all three programs running, start a pile-up in Morse Runner and log the calls in N1MM. It’s fun to try for a virtual WAZ or DXCC. There are two versions, one with Autohotkey installed and the other is a single program. They both work the same just one requires you to install Autohotkey and the other doesn’t.

N1MM to Morse Runner program No additional downloads or installation required. Just run this, N1MM, and Morse Runner.

N1MM to Morse Runner Script. Requires Autohotkey installed to run. This is the one to get if you want to see or edit the script.

Take a look at a video demo of N1MM and Morse Runner working together.

19 responses to “N1MM to Morse Runner Connector”

  1. KRASI

    Congratulation , it’s work perfect , tnx verry much.

  2. Cees

    Sorry about my first email with questions, but now it’s working very well.
    Unbelievable how it works, the combination N1MM and Morse Runner.
    You did a very good job Don, many thanks.

    73, Cees, PA3CVI

  3. Steef

    I downloaded the zip file morserunner-n1mm210exe.zip.
    When I tried to extract it AVG gave a warning about Trojan horses and deleted the files.

    Now I use Autohotkey and your script. This works fine.
    Only thing is, in ESM mode in N1MM the program is sending the cal of the other station again before sending TU and logging the QSO.

    Maby there is a way around this?

    Anyway, thank you fore the script.

    Steef PA3S

  4. Pavel


    I am looking for a solution for SO2R training.
    Is there any way to do SO2R simulation with your approach?



  5. Sante Lillo

    Sorry, but here I got an error which prevents N1mm to Morse Runner Connector to start. Below is what’s written in the error window:

    LINE TEXT: $’ ::

    File used was:

    Any hint or help? I really like using that facility with Morse Runner
    Sante, IK0HBN

  6. Dany

    How can I modify the script in order to work “All Asian” contest?, is it possible? The Exchange box says “age” instead of “number”

    thanks a lot!
    Dany, LU4EG.

  7. Jim Miller

    So far unable to get this to work with N1MM+. Still trying.

    jim ab3cv

  8. Arne Baier, DL4OCE

    Any plans on porting this great tool for N1MM Logger+?

  9. Bob W5YDM

    The .exe file runs in Windows 10 without errors, but doesn’t achieve the intended goal. Pressing F-keys in N1MM + does nothing in Morse Runner 1.68 because the two apps don’t communicate with each other, plus, closing boths apps does not shut down the connector. I had to use task manager to stop it.

    I find nothing in the N1MM installation package or tools folder pertaining to this connector.

  10. Martin Lewis

    Using Windows 7, failed to get this working with latest versions of N1MM+ and Morse Runner, no error messages, it just won’t work with the stand alone connector or the Hotkey version. Any guidance Don? I’m simply running all 3 programs together and then starting a pile up in MR but N1MM+ is oblivious to anything and shortcut buttons don’t work at all either for me.

  11. Martin Lewis

    Got it running…..sort of. If I press enter, it sends CQ but none of the F keys work. I can’t use F5 to send “his call” for example.

  12. Glenn KE4KY


    Look for Section #2:

    2. Morse Runner with AutoHotKey on N1MM Plus
    These N1MM+ instructions provided by Andy KU7T dated 5 December 2014 and updated 16 December 2015:

    You will need to download the AutoHotKey program (link provided in the notes)

    Works well at this juncture.

  13. Gary NA6O

    MS Security Essentials under Win7 refuses to allow the program (.zip) to download: Virus detected. Am I the only one who sees this?

  14. Mek SQ3RX

    Any plans for SO2R simulation ?

  15. Connie

    Works great on my dell-t3600 win-7
    Connie, K5CM

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