Hidden N1MM Feature: Partner Logging

I had no idea you could do this…. I was checking out Win-Test and noticed the partner logging function. What’s this? The documentation for Win-Test is pretty good and I got an excellent idea what partner logging is all about. I checked the N1MM documentation and found the same feature without much explanation of how it works. My experience with huge pile-ups does not exist so having a second set of ears would help a lot. Or having a second set of ears pull out weak ones would help too. With partner logging, you get just that. A second operator listing to the same radio and using a separate networked computer can ‘stack’ a call for you. What that means is that the main and partner operators can see what the other is typing in the call field. So as the main operator is working a station, the next station’s call can be ready and waiting without needing to type anything. This works in N1MM as well in multi-user mode. Whatever the second operator types in the call field is shown in the bar above the call field on the main ops computer. All the main operator has to do is hit the space bar and the call field is filled in. There are some amazing possibilities here. What if you could assist a new CW or even SSB operator with copying calls? Or maybe help an operator get used to using contest software? Setting up a network for contesting is not that complicated and really well documented on the internet. Partner logging is one of those hidden features of N1MM that seems like it would add value.

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