HiMite 20: Received one day, built the next

My HiMite 20 came in the mail. That night, I inventoried the parts and wound the toroids. The next day, I was home with a sick child so I had time to build the whole thing. I took my time and only had to rework one capacitor that I soldered in wrong. One step gave me anxiety, pressing the heat sink onto the the 2N5109 transistor. Using my hobby vice, I worked the transistor into the sleeve. As a lubricant, I used a little silicone heat sink dope. The sink is so tight that I’m not sure that the dope did any good.

Pressing the heat sink picture

I installed sockets for some of the parts copying Chuck Carpenter’s, W5USJ, HiMite 15 build. See Chuck’s site at W5USJ.COM. Chuck is experimenting with the HiMite 20 right now and I’m looking forward to the clever mods he comes up with. Look for the “Project Links” page at w5usj.com. My finished rig has no problem with SWBCI unless I touch one of the L1-B leads at which time I’m rewarded with a flurry of Spanish.

HiMite finished picture side 1

HiMite finished picture side 2

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