HiMite 20 with a BLT to match

I built a home for my HiMite 20 so it is now ready to carry around. For an antenna, I’m using one of two that I built just for QRP, a doublet made of 96 feet of cheap speaker wire and a 24′ long random wire with four 16′ radials. A BLT from QRP Kits tunes the antennas. To use a random wire, I added on the mod described in the BLT build instructions. As a result of a long Google search, I cut the random wire so there would be 40′ of antenna from the top to the end of the radials. The length information for the doublet is second hand from someone else quoting the ARRL Antenna Handbook, I think. For the random wire, I used the lengths mentioned in the Elecraft KX1 FAQ. Never the less, my dipole and random wire both avoid being at a 1/2 wave for any band. The magic numbers in feet are 28, 40, 58, 76, 96, 109, and 150. I did not read up on the reason for the length of the driven elements. The doublet top is 44′ long. Draped over the furniture and stuff in my house, I can tune either antenna nicely for 20 meters.

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  1. Lucia

    This is awesome !!! Good work

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