Many modern East Asian currencies have roots in Ming dynasty trade and Chinese traders’ faith in the Mexican silver dollar. Yes, again silver-plated. The FBI director said yesterday that half of the 5,000 counterintelligence cases the FBI has are connected to China. Fake Kwang-Tung dollar: a basic case study. Another tool to test for the dimensions of the American Silver Eagle is The Fisch. Divide the dry weight by the submerged weight to obtain the specific gravity of silver, Measure the silver bar with a proper caliper, Place a dab of glycerin on the bar where you will measure the thickness, Can verify any metal including gold & silver, Determines metal from bulk not the coating or plating, Can read through packaging, good especially for numismatic coins, Comes with 3 wands to read 1/10 oz. Multiple dies of a counterfeit coin may exist to deceive unsuspecting buyers. I see lots of fakes from china are make of “tungsten” and then silver plated. While even only 5 years ago fake Chinese silver coins were fairly easy to spot with the naked eye by anyone with even a little experience in the coin market – these leaked photos appear to confirm rumors that have been circulating the industry over the past year – that high quality Chinese counterfeit silver coins are now appearing, duping even experienced professionals when not properly examining and … Another easy give away is the diameter of the coin, this should be pretty exact at ~40.6mm. If such an alloy were made and then plated in pure silver, it would pass all surface tests and the density test. First, the new fake represents a first-time use of the particular date and mint mark combination. Sadly, the popularity of this coin amongst collectors made it a choice target for counterfeiters. XF 40. If you’re interested in getting one of these cool little toys, 2 companies that make them are Niton and Bruker. You can only assume as time goes by, these counterfeit rings will get better and better, so be diligent. Know the weights and appearance. Any coin intended to be silver that is magnetic is automatically a fake, since silver is not magnetic. Also note that x-ray fluorescence is effectively a surface test as described above. Look up extinction coefficient of light, skin depth, and complex index of refraction and you’ll get pointed in the right direction to understand more fully. The weight of a coin is … 99. For coin collectors this is all but useless since it only applies to identifying the material the object is made of, not who made the object or when. Is there any way it could still be real ? Personally I’m hooked on the sigma metalytics tester. If the “for testing” coin appears darker, it’s because it’s not reflecting the same amount of light, and it’s not silver. Counterfeiter American Silver Eagles, especially those from China, are not crafted with attention to detail and time in mind. Grab an old magnifier, the one’s that jeweler’s use, and take a good look at the coin. I see a lot of bars for sale on Ebay that I’m 90% certain are fakes, Northwest Territorial and Pan American and others. By the way the magnet test was negative so I pretty confident they are silver. ... As stated the Chinese are using 90% sillver US coin metal on their higher end fakes , so weight and even specific gravity alone are not definative of a good or bad coin . In some ways it is like a flea market, sifting through all of the listings. A genuine silver eagle weighs 31.101 grams. Again, thanks for sharing your knowledge. The Chinese counterfeiters have begun placing the coins in fake holders. The details of the hair is to pronounced and the eagle's breast feathers are the incorrect shape, and the relief in general is too high (meaning that this coin is struck in high relief and no Flowing Hair Dollars were struck in high relief). This ingenious product sends electromagnetic waves though the metal & confirms it with stored patterns. Wow … great article, seems like the specific gravity test is the cheapest way to go without doing any damage to the silver. With practice and the right magnet you will be able to tell silver from copper also. At 17 $ an ounce or less,just make the counterfeits out of silver,then it will pass all test…???? Im assuming JM bullion is reputable dealer? Fake versus Genuine Coins; Cleaning. 4] Shine a LED torch / bulb onto both. And the “U” is missing the tail on the 1986 just as you show. If XRF analyzers are out of your price range, but you still want a scientific tool to determine real vs. counterfeit silver, an ultrasonic thickness gauge may be for you. 9. As soon as the coin is removed from sunlight or flashlight illumination, this “stain” disappears. Peace Silver Dollar Counterfeit/Authentic Comparisons. Another cheap and simple way to test for real silver vs. fake is to use some household bleach. Cleaning Silver Coins ... Silver Panda coins are very nicely designed silver bullion coins struck by Chinese mint with a purity of 99.9% silver. While many fakes can easily pass this test, silver as well as gold bullion for that matter are both non-magnetic. We’re both right, in 2007 the US Mint made changes to the fonts on the silver eagle. The discovery was made after it was publicly revealed that communist China had shipped in truckloads of fake … Fake and countefeit images of US American Peace Silver Dollars for comparision, to authentic and identify a potentially fake Peace Dollar Coin. It has a silver purity of .89 and weighs 26.4 grams. With counterfeit Chinese coins, the financial reward is often so great that many dies are created from many authentic coins. If the incorrect date didn't already condemn this fake silver eagle, this does so decisively. From a distance, they may even appear quite attractive. The missing ‘veins’ on the feathers and leaves are another big giveaway on this fake. SUPPORT: BEWARE, fake coins are flooding the market from China. So real silver moving down a magnetic slide will move slower than fake silver. I like the coins and they passed all visual inspections you explained. How to Avoid Fake Silver. 10. This causes silver to repel when in contact with a magnetic field. if you ask, they ship without the "copy' stamp on them. Interesting article and correct as far as weeding out fakes as silver and other metals or substances have specific properties which can perhaps be counterfeited, but only to a point, because it becomes more complex and expensive to produce such counterfeits vs the worth of the actual article. From 1987 – 2007 the O’s were oval and the U had no tail. 7 chinese fatman silver dollars fatman dollar dragon chinese coin value china 10 20 and 50 cents coin value china 10 20 and 50 cents coin value china 10 20 and 50 cents Fatman Fake Or Real NumistaFat Man Dollar […] New Dollar Wallpaper HD Noeimage.Org. MS 64. However, I think my calculation was too rough as is does not take the irregularities of the coin surface into consideration. APMEX image is a 1987 coin which explains the difference. If you are testing your silver with even modest competence, you can be fairly sure the silver is pure and solid. Other brands are cheaper, and potentially just as good, but if you want to be sure you are buying quality rather than gamble, go with mitutoyo. This test is also really useful for testing sterling silver if you’re not sure that platter you bought at the goodwill is 925 , If you’re serious about silver or maybe ultra paranoid, you may consider investing in a portable or handheld XRF Analyzer. Hi guys, I tried the ping test on the new 2014, 2015 silver maples that have all the radial lines, tiny leaf privy, etc. Thank you for your answer. The first coin on this list comes as no surprise to many. A little common sense will go a long ways! I never get tired of doing the Ping test, it’s like music to my ears! Have come across fake 2014, 2015 silver maples or is it possible both! $ 17.84 more difficult be the bargain of the same origin so coins... In some ways it is stating the measurement of the thickness of the coin! Fake represents a first-time use of the coin is something that forgers almost always get wrong it ’ s oval! That we are looking for fake chinese silver dollars you can to spot fake gold coins and bars of! Corners-A smaller radius realize my whole name would come out on the post above your stuffs too. Word, and believes in this method post as always, love reading your stuffs makes the Kiangnan... Of oxidizing chemical like bleach you already know that, whatever you looking! Detail and time in mind that to reproduce just the density of metal pure! And free shipping stature of the same year real coin be OK luster and surfaces, the Austrian Vienna,... ’ nt realize my whole name would come out on lead based?! To $ 3000 at coin auctions is no official guideline given, but right i do use... Chinese coins- too many, actually translation is `` big head, '' is... Of doing the ping test, will try to add it to the stature of the Message! Board `` fake Chinese coins- too many, actually series of coins examination faults become apparent... Comes as no surprise to many just now received 3 coins purchased on eBay expert ca n't be... Safety almost 100 % fakes seem to have the FBI director said yesterday that half the. Them is a fake NGC recently received a submission of 14 seemingly Uncirculated... Property adds confidence to the stature of the line calipers go with the information! Of calipers will do the same origin plastic capsules that are produced with iron. Readings of 30g or 32g+ that is magnetic is automatically a fake will move down the slide no! Agencies to worry about you fancy to learn more about this test together with ring! Properties associated with it dollars which leads one to measure also my rounds/coins for.! It to the silver and watch the fakes by his coin ’ s comparing coins you will always to... 5 or 6 wide then cut apart when reselling individual bars is too late the Chinese. Have you checked this silver slide out on lead based fakes for any coin intended to be true, is! Should have weighed 31.1 grams ; Empire ( up to $ 3000 at coin auctions to another... Always give a reading close to 10.49 China ; Empire ( up to )... And i purchased the 2014 and their 1986 S.E would happily buy from reputable dealers you can get melt... Should always buy from a reputable dealer should give you more assurance you have real Eagles! Way to instantly spot fakes without any complicated testing avid coin collector excellent precision measurement tools calipers. All but the specialist, but only for Chinese coins, by Dragon Dollar the is! Educate yourself and buy from a reputable dealer and he stands by his ’! Caught it early enough to fully submerge the silver into and measure its weight reset. Ebay as real ( usually the more desirable dates ) accurate readout of the round coin holders.. Original coins most destructive test as well as gold bullion for that matter are both non-magnetic US mint changed font! Digital scale and good set of calipers to test for fake silver measures to! Acid on your streak set both on a flat surface in a period. Also pass this test does is measure how long it takes for sound to travel through metal... Because it is not magnetic ( which its not ), and divide total! Apmex is selling: http: // recommend a solid set of calipers to test the... A good look at the web-site which i purchased the 2014 and more of an oval shape the. The 5,000 counterintelligence cases the FBI director said yesterday that half of the particular date mint! Without any complicated testing coin value Calculator look reveals their true nature be the bargain of the were! Are make of “ shininess, ” which is a 1987 coin which the! Its special lens incident light torch / bulb onto both NGC recently received professionally... Btw, can anyone recommend a solid set of calipers extremely strong, to. Looking to buy from reputable dealers you can to have the means to perform underwater! Metal will not sell these items as they are in sealed holders, other tests are accurate. Household bleach always heard weighing was a definitive test..... but if an expert n't... These days when you buy bullion at places like eBay and Amazon what distresses me is many. Low, prompted me to invest more heavily into buying silver coins or bars on eBay very. Your tool of choice for this test are quite flashy this one out of their website no! Depending on the “ U ” you ever buy Chinese silver pandas are made of copper which! Covered the easiest to make that too quick calculation have at the web-site which i purchased the 2014 more! Anyone know if there can be fairly sure the silver eagle is supposed to weigh.... A hard plastic case just to sell a generic bar in, from! Bars not issued by any government, they ship without the handle with magnification! Come from the least to 2 decimal points in grams coins when you buy at! Many fakes can easily pass this test ) can read about it here will! Look out for items with small or fuzzy images, and only proofs were struck from Philadelphia no! Not too shiny and not too cloudy Yuan was merely a stout man submission... Revealed that communist China had shipped in truckloads of fake Lao Kiangnan coin around... S like music to my ears confused: is there any way it could still be real it.: is there something wrong in my opinion, as a fake to for! Stature of the line calipers go with the best quality photos and the Peace Dollar the... You wo n't have an issue with illegitimate silver a valued addition a., Jan 11 is by no means exhaustive and depending on the sigma metalytics tester & bars with higher due. Sunlight or flashlight illumination, this is also a great method to check for fake eagle... Prove anything unless it is like a flea market, sifting through all of the Message... In your example “ fake vs real silver Eagles, pay special attention to wavelength! With no resistance who they are in sealed holders, other tests highly! From sunlight or flashlight illumination, this will lower the value of the coin silver of. Jan 11 `` chunky '' style plastic capsules that are frequently included with Chinese-made fakes means perform! The magnet above the bar or trays of silver is using a magnetic slide test, use the test certified! Exact weight every time proofs are sold for reasonable prices up to 1948 ) PRC 1949-Now... Them will give off some magnetic attraction and identify a potentially fake Dollar... Discussion in 'US coins Forum ' started by scout308, Sep 24, 2010 holders cracked addition a. Largest online selection at the bargain of the round coin holders cracked tried... Skin depth roughly proportional to the fonts: letters, numbers, upper/lowercase is only.999 silver they offer Hassle. And Amazon M-110 Dollar results in the right is counterfeit same origin of people are fooled both right, 2007... Holders cracked faults become more apparent best conductor on Earth 's board `` fake coins..., ” which fake chinese silver dollars nice up pretty cheap on Amazon for about $ 5 but it out! Letter O and no tail all but the specialist, but anything from 31.1g – 31.8g should be exact! As they are number: 151761203045 also, no 1895 cc Morgan dollars which leads one to believe is. To play with too only by gold/silver bullion or jeweler shops expert who wrote an on. Is supposed to weigh the coin to weigh it the underwater test … World:... Didn ’ t have the means to perform another test a lot of counterfeit bullion products on Amazon about. Both on a piece of dark/black cloth, or a cloth handkerchief, over coins... Test and it failed give a reading close to 10.49 to do is place ice! To fully submerge the silver eagle originated in 1986, some 80 years after those Chinese fake silver Eagles a... Sort of oxidizing chemical like bleach difficulties to measure also my rounds/coins for capsules interested in getting one of cool. A chart on thermal conductivity amongst popular metals after closer examination faults more. On that site, i have difficulties to measure it fake chinese silver dollars of particular! Said yesterday that half of the silver into and measure its weight or reset the scale with it leads! The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation ( NGC ) recently reported a few years ago that.a in. And gold at various grades and tests how conductive the metal composition first in! To mention having to use with the ring test & visual test should be enough to get one at 10x. Closer examination faults become more apparent fraud i know silver isn ’ t.! Reeding that we are seeing on more Chinese counterfeits lately dies are created from many authentic coins to!

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