Insomnia Has Benefits

I woke up in the middle of the night and worked Christmas Island and a couple other countries. Sleeplessness with benefits.

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  1. Trippy

    Hi Don, just read your post, and here’s a new contest I’m sponsering, and ops won’t be falling asleep at night during this contest! If you like antennas, you’ll love this contest! Can you post this contest on this web site for me? looks like it’s gonna be a huge contest! 73, and the info is below! Trippy, ac8s The first annual on the airantenna party.
    Sponsored by Trippy Brown, ac8s.
    starts 2300Z, September 21
    ends 0400Z, September 23
    bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, and 2 meters
    modes: am, cw, fm, ssb.
    purpose: to get as many hams on the air as possible that weekend, and help hams know about different antennas, and hear how they get out, so they can put up one just like it. I want us hams demonstrating our antennas, so other hams, can put up better antennas if they hear one they like.
    exchange: signal report, US state, Canadian province, or dx country, antenna being used, where it’s located, for example, on a balcony, in an attic, how high up it is, and, how much power you’re running.
    An example exchange would be “you’re 59 Alaska, running a long wire, in a backyard, up 10 feet, running 200 watts.”
    work once per band, once per mode.
    Class, single station, single op, I want as many stations on as possible.
    power: must run 200 watts or less.
    Must run only from a fixed location, such as, your place of residence.
    Logging: no logs need to be sent to me. Just take down any info about the other stations antenna that you need to know, such as what is given by the station.
    The station can give as much info on the antenna as needed, such as, how to build it, or, tell the station you’re working, that they can find directions on how to build and put up the antenna at a certain web site, or, to send you an email with a request on info about the antenna.

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