K1EL WinKeyer 2 and MMR-40: a little glitch

I found that my K1EL WinKeyer 2 USB would not key my MMR-40 QRP rig for some reason. My K1EL WinKeyer 1 Serial worked fine, my NorCal keyer worked fine, but the new USB WinKeyer 2 didn’t. I posted a message on the K1EL Yahoo group and as a result, Steve Elliot suggested that I install the solid state relays in the keyer instead. I purchased the relays from him and sure enough, that fixed the problem. If you are thinking about buying a WinKeyer USB, think seriously about throwing down the extra $10 for the solid state relays. It can’t hurt and you will be guaranteed that the keyer will work with whatever you hook it up to. Oh, and don’t delay in buying a WinKey. They are the best computer controlled keyers out there. I see that Steve has started shipping a serial version of his WinKey 2.

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