K3 Frowny Face

After only a few days, my new K3/100 pooped out. I got a HI SIG message even though there aren’t any other signal sources in my shack. I e-mailed Elecraft and got a nice message back describing some diagnostic steps I could take. However, the even if I completed the steps I was going to have to send the rig in for repair anyway. Off it went at more than $50 worth of packing and shipping costs.

This is embarrassing; I was extremely careful during the build, taking more than 9 hours over 3 days. Even if the problem is not build related, I end up feeling responsible for the rig failing because I was the last one to touch it. Of course it isn’t my fault; I carefully followed all of the instructions. Disappointing.

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  1. Mike

    Good morning Don, Sorry to hear about the K3 do post what ended up being the problem when the radio makes it way back home. I am a proud Elecraft owner of a K3/100, K2 and a KX1. So far they all have been trouble free.

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