Load up little pistols. This contest is for you.

Mix together the NCCC Thursday sprint with a little World Radiosport Team Championship and a little sailing regatta handicapping and you get the Locust QSO Party. Rick, K6VVA a.k.a. The Locust, organized the first LQP to celebrate his 50th anniversary as a ham. 2009 will be the third running of the “LQP – 52st Anniversary of License Edition.” (sic)

The date and time: January 21, 2009 at 6:00 pm PST (not Z, PST) through 6:51:59 pm (PST). With categories that include provisions for geographic location (with much relief here in the ‘suffering sevens’), NCCC membership, a NOOB category, and a green category (wind or solar power). (READ THE RULES.)

Rick freely admits that the rules are a bit complicated and suggests printing, reading them at least twice, and making notes in the margins to make sure you understand them. There are strict rules for how much power you may output according to the type of antenna you are using. I’m in the 100 watt class because of my lower than 40 feet ground mounted vertical. If you are running stacked 3 or 4 el 40M aluminum or wire yagis, you are limited to 15 watts. (READ THE RULES.) No SO2R, SO2V, Packet spots, or Skimmer. Exchange is your name and QTH (READ THE RULES). The handicapping system is almost pure genius.

This contest sounds like a brilliant good time. It’s on my calendar.

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  1. AC7FA

    This was a fun contest. I made 17 contacts, two with the Locust K6VVA.

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