Lucky VK9DWX Contact

I was very lucky and caught the VK9DWX DXpedition on 15M CW. My rig here is 100W to a ground mounted vertical at about sea level in Western Washington. On a lazy Saturday morning, like many hams I’m sure, I was just tuning around to see what I could hear. On 15M I stumbled on VK9DWX, the only station I could hear on 15 meters. I literally could not hear the pile-up because it was skipping right over me. The op was working North America though and I could copy easily at 579 with minor QSB. So I tuned 2k up on VFO B, turned on the split switch, and gave my call once after each QRZ. After less than 30 minutes, hearing my call nearly made be jump out of my chair. I don’t think I would have been able to make the contact on 20M like that because my signal would just be a needle in a pile-up. Gosh, if DX were always so easy I’d be all over it. In reality, I don’t have the patience to sit on a frequency hollering CQ DX for the kind of hours it takes to put together a DXCC. The occational contact is fun though.

A big thanks to Scot, KA3DRR, in the shackadelic for featuring my comment about my lucky DX break. Scot’s blog is one of my daily reads because of his enthusiasm for amateur radio. Rock on Scot.

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