Mixing the K3, a K1EL keyer, and Writelog

I worked through the settings I need to get Writelog 10.83 working with my rig setup. For CW, I’m using a K1EL Winkeyer USB and for PTT for data modes I’m using a USB to serial adapter. Problem was that the computer would throw the K3 into transmit mode as soon as I started Writelog. I knew that Writelog was starting up with RTS on so I needed to figure out how to change that. I poked around in the Writelog setup menu and finally Googled for the right INI setting. Google didn’t find it but the Writelog help file described the COMx_RTS_INIT and COMx_DTR_INIT settings. I changed those to 0 and now everything works peachy. In the same section of the INI file, [RIGS], I had to set the speed of the com port I’m using to control the rig to 9600. Writelog talks to the K3 at 38800 baud by default. I needed 9600 to be compatible with my SteppIR controller.

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  1. Mike

    Good morning Don, not sure how to help you with this one but in the past I have used Nabble reflector to post questions about the K3..or any Elecraft product for that matter. There is a link at the Elecraft site and once you register you can post your question.

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