N1MM to Morse Runner connector bug fix

This is a bug fix version of the N1MM to Morse Runner connector. The script was not working correctly when ESM mode was off in N1MM. I added a few convenient keys too:
Alt-G starts Morse Runner competition mode and calls the first CQ
Alt-X stops Morse Runner
F12 clears all fields and does F3 to QRZ for other callers

Morse Runner to N1MM Connector version 2.10

One response to “N1MM to Morse Runner connector bug fix”

  1. Jim Smith  VE7FO

    Hi Don,

    This thing is really neat. Thanks very much for doing it.

    If I use 210.ahk a question mark in the call sign field doesn’t get sent. I think it should
    If I use 200.ahk the question mark gets sent as expected.
    Can this be fixed?

    Would it be possible to copy the CW speed from the N1MM box into the MorseRunner CW speed box so the speed can be controlled from N1MM by hitting PgUp or PgDwn as needed?

    73, Jim ve7fo

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