New bug; well new to me anyway

I bought a bug on ebay this week. Any purchase on ebay involves a good chunk of luck and my fortunes were good. I paid a fair price, not the lowest, not the highest, for a Vibroplex Standard Deluxe. It’s a chrome beauty in decent shape with a little cracking on the dash knob. The serial number dates the key to about 1985 according to the somewhat humorously named, “Date Your Vibroplex” document, the best copy of which is on the Vibroplex web site. Semi-automatic telegraph keys have sort of a cult following that is similar to liking boat anchors, military surplus, or QRP. My bug came with both the large and small weights. I can get the speed down to just less than 20 words per minute but the dits still come pretty fast. My tinkerer friend Pete, KK7QW, has an idea for a dit tamer that might work pretty well. It would be nice to get the speed down to 18 or so. Bugs have a very high tinker factor and I have spent a great deal of time adjusting all the screws on my mine.

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