New N1MM to Morse Runner EXE version

I used Autohotkey’s facility for creating a Windows program from a script so now you can use my N1MM to Morse Runner connector without installing Autohotkey. All you need is N1MM, Morse Runner, and the program file. This version of the connector has all of the functionality of the previous version without the additional installation of Autohotkey. Features:

Works with N1MM running in ESM or non-ESM mode
Adds three convenient function keys
Keys are filtered better to prevent call repeats

I’m having fun working toward a virtual worked-all-zones and DXCC while commuting to work.

N1MM to Morse Runner connector EXE version

8 responses to “New N1MM to Morse Runner EXE version”

  1. sm3sgp

    Interesting! Will try it later…

  2. Rick Walker K4TD


    Is this same capability possible for the Win-Test logging program?



  3. Don (AC7FA)

    I had a go at Win-Test using the demo. There was no obvious way to script the input to the logging program. The Win-Test programmers use a keyboard input method that gives them more control but makes it difficult to figure out where the input will go from a script. I took a run at it but no joy.

  4. Ian K5ZM

    Ok Don, my less than technically oriented brain is outdoing me here. I’ve downloaded the AHK program. But unsure as to where to install it. Should I put it in my N1MM directory..? My MR directory..? Or let it install in it’s own default directory?

    tnx es 73,

    Ian, K5ZM

  5. Ian K5ZM

    D’oh! Figured out how to use the script, and where it goes.

    Nit warning..! Nit warning..!

    I see a potential drawback to folks like myself who like to use MR’s competition feature. It seems that when I have MR set to work with N1MM like this, I’m unable to save my log in MR. (Meaning that there now appears to be no way to upload any new personal bests to the MR top scores list).

    I realise this really is beyond the scope of why you created the script in the first place. Just wanted to toss it out there nonetheless 😉

  6. Jan

    Nice programme.
    Would be more wonderfull if N1MM could keep up the real score.
    Now if I make a mistake N1MM scores the qso but Morserunner does not ( which is as it should be)

  7. Mike Walker

    N1MM to Morse Runner210 EXE version causes an AVG antivirus trojan alert on both an XP Pro & Win7 machines…
    Any suggestions

  8. Malcolm VE2DDZ

    To update the script to use with N1MM+, open the .ahk file in a text editor and make the following replacements:

    ThunderRT6TextBox16 ->
    ThunderRT6TextBox5 ->
    ThunderRT6TextBox4 ->
    ThunderRT6TextBox6 ->

    Search/replace works well. At least it works using N1MM+ v 0.19.4253.0, Morse Runner v 1.68, and Auto Hot Key v

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