Icom IC-718 HF is a great value

My old IC-728 went deaf. It was if there was no antenna attached at all. Instead of getting the old rig repaired, I negotiated with Congress for funding for a replacement. After all, the 728 was old when I bought it in 2000 on Ebay. I have been saving for a 756 PRO III but don’t have nearly enough money for that yet. The IC718 seemed like a good compromise so I shopped Ebay and found one for a decent price with the 500K CW filter and DSP. Shipping only cost $14 for across the country and the seller was great. The 718 is way better than my old 728. Partly because of the CW filter but mainly because of all of the features that I had been missing. How did I use a rig without an RF adjustment? It would be pointless to run down all of the features from the brochure and there are plenty of good reviews on the eHam site. I have tried about everything on the 718 now and like everything except two little problems: the AF volume jumps from nothing to loud too quickly and the T/R relay is very loud when operating QSK. Considering I got a used rig in premium, like-new condition, and the CW filter I was going to add to the old rig, a couple of small drawbacks still leaves the rig perfect for me.

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