Now Playing! Morse code

For fun, I’m adding Morse code to the end of my articles. The player will remain until it breaks after which I will just leave a link to the MP3 files. The code will consist of excerpts from my articles and be sent at 18 WPM for now. The CW sound files are generated with MorseGen and re-encoded to MP3s with CDex. Automating the sound file generation process will be in the back of my mind. MorseGen’s MP3 encoder might work if I fiddle with LAME a little. The first MP3 files I created with MorseGen did not play correctly with the on-line player I used. Encoding the WAV file with CDex worked, though. The player is a little dodgey in Internet Explorer but you can still play the MP3 file from the link because IE will start Windows Media Player.

Play the text of this article as CW!

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