Papa's got a brand new Q

I know there are many who dislike this kind of QSO but I’m hooked for now. I’ve been calling CQ WAS for a couple of days now and I’m really enjoying it. Not every QSO needs to be a little rag-chew. Your typical DX QSO only lasts a few seconds for a quick RST, fake or not, and maybe an OP’s name. For now, I would like to work on collecting Qs for WAS and nothing is wrong with sort of going into beacon mode and calling CQ WAS. Unless your equipment is really unusual, I’m not really interested in what equipment you have on the air. My exchange has been a signal report, name, state, and a request to QSL by Logbook of the World and then I sign off with a polite 73 and thank you. I’m tracking the WAS on LoTW and eQSL so I’m just using N1MM as my logging program even though software for contesting isn’t great for a general log book. N1MM generates the ADIF file for me and I get just enough information. I will be able to make audio recordings of the QSOs too, which I forgot was possible at first but now the automatic recorder is on.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with a little insomnia. Apparently this is just something that happens as one gets older. At least I hope that’s all it is. But anyway, if it is Friday or Saturday night, I have been getting up to work a little DX. Christmas Eve Zulu time was pretty good. On 40 meters, I worked a Russian marine mobile, French Polynesia, Nicaragua, and a handful of states for WAS. Who would have thought that 100 watts to a ground mounted vertical at an elevation of 150 feet on the side of a hill could work DX at the bottom of the cycle.

My family suffered a little setback last weekend when the furnace went out. I had enough saved up for an Elecraft K3 with the second receiver but that money went into heat for the house. Thankfully, we had the money set aside and didn’t need an emergency credit card charge to replace the unit. A Christmas blessing in disguise.

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  1. Scot, KA3DRR

    Hi, Don

    I like your approach that is, calling CQ WAS, is focused and already communicates the purpose of one’s QSO. The expectation is clear. I’m reading rumors that a new cluster of sunspots are rounding the eastern limb of our G4 class star. Perhaps even this weekend?! All the best…

    Scot, KA3DRR

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