Salmon Run QSO Party 2008 Results

Here’s the tale of the tape:
SR Top 10
The little trip we made to Garfield last September bagged another box of smoked salmon for the South Hill Contest Club, N7PP. Reflecting back, the score isn’t the biggest thrill to me. I’ll remember the time we spent shivering together on Mount Misery long after I have forgotten the score we posted. Really. It was so cold by the time we left the mountain, I was wearing every piece of clothing I had brought along. This next Sunday, we are having a little dinner to celebrate and to begin planning for next year.

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  1. Scot

    Hi, Don

    Congratulations to you and the team!

    A really cold mountain and every piece of clothing available to keep warm yet everyone persisted through tough weather conditions. A hot cup of coffee was like a thermal hand heater. I could see cold fingers, vapor rising from the voices at the microphone, stomping feet, and stiff fingers working the keyer.

    Scot, KA3DRR

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