Salmon Run X-Treme!

The N7PP crew (current all time high score record holder) will be working as W7DX during this year’s Washington State QSO party a.k.a. The Salmon Run. 500 bonus points are awarded for each contact with the Western Washington DX Club during the event making W7DX one very popular station to call. W7DX will be in the unlimited class and will work the contest from three different locations using a different mode at each QTH. The CW station is located at N7BV in Clallam County; the SSB station will be at W7IJ in Pierce County; the digital station will be at K7BTW in King County. With this arrangement, making a contact for the bonus points should be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

For the past three years, N7PP has traveled to rare counties setting up a field day style station in a remote location. The last two years have been at a remote camp site in the Blue Mountains of South Eastern Washington. The weather and remoteness were a hardship that none of us were interested in repeating this year. It will be a nice change to be closer to civilization.

The Salmon will be served with Awesome Sauce this year!

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