Simple Test Equipment for the QRPer

Today’s mail brought Graham Firth and Tony Fishpool’s book, “Simple Test Equipment for the QRPer.” I have a head start on the projects in the book because I have already built the VE3DNL Marker Generator project from the NorCal kit. The book’s subtitle says, “20 easy to build projects,” and I cannot wait to start collecting parts. So far, the simple kits I have built have presented few problems because I tend to be a very careful builder. However, as my projects become more complex and/or less plug and play, I’m going to need some test equipment to solve bugs in the circuits.

Simple Test Equipment for the QRPer book cover

I heard about this book on Bill Meara’s Soldersmoke podcast. Bill Meara, N2CQR/M0HBR/CU2JL, is a lively ‘radio’ host with many stories to tell and always something interesting going on. The show is a bit like Elmer night at the radio club. Read Bill’s concise, ham-understandable, decription of podcasting. Go to the Soldersmoke site and listen to a few shows.

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  1. Vance Shaffer N5WLZ

    Where can you purchase a copy of “Simple test equipment for the QRPer”

    Thanks for the excellent article,”73’s”

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