Sleep Deprivation and the CQWW CW

I’m tired. Really tired. My eyes feel like two sandy golf balls. Conditions were terrific for the CQWW CW contest this year. I worked a ton of Pacific stations including VK and ZL which is difficult for my modest station at the ‘bottom of the cycle.’ (Can’t wait until ‘bottom of the cycle’ is past tense.) Every time I decided to go to bed, I would hear another cool call and say to myself, “just one more.” Calling CQ was hopeless because I just cannot be heard and am not rare dx so my entire game was search and pounce to get as many sections as I could by calling the big contest stations. When there were not big piles, the ops were very patient and dug my signal out with a couple of repeats. I think, I hope, I got into the VP5W log on 40 meters. I worked them as soon as I heard them faintly but all I needed to do was wait an hour or two and their signal was much louder. At about 2AM PST, 40 meters really opened up. Ah, but I was supposed to have gone to bed by then.

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