The application is in–let the waiting begin.

Before I applied for one, I read everything about vanity calls. I went to every web site that deals with finding a vanity call. On the day I found the AE7Q web site, what seemed to be a good call was canceled and therefore available. I was exactly two years plus one day past the expiration date for K7OG. AE7Q indicated there was only one other application. I debated. There are a lot of dah elements in there but it was easy CW copy. OG isn’t a difficult code pair. I keyed K7OG into a code oscillator. Sounded OK. I thought I might as well try and at least I would learn the application process for next time. I figured I had a 50/50 chance right now, so I logged into the FCC ULS and applied; it was Friday. Four hours later, AE7Q showed my application for K7OG…predicted for assignment.


Nah, I thought. Too easy. There was still time for others to apply. Every couple of hours until I went to bed Friday night, I checked AE7Q—still two applications. The next day I checked AE7Q. Again, just two applications listed with mine predicted for assignment. Too easy I thought. I checked again on Monday. Two applications. I checked on Tuesday. Two applications listed with one of them looking very unlikely because it was filed a day too early. I looked again at the ULS data for K7OG; cancellation date is 12/12/2008. I looked the ULS data for my application; received 12/12/2008. I looked at all of the applications on the FCC ULS site received 12/12/2008; no other applications for K7OG. Wow. I made one application and it looks like I will get a 1×2 call sign in the number 7 call area. I’m a genius–at least until 12/30/2008 when the application is processed by the FCC. You might hear me trying to work every mode and every band on December 30th as well as strait key night on the 31st as K7OG ex AC7FA. On the other hand, if my application went sideways and I end up as not such a brilliant vanity call sign expert, then I’ll try again next year. The predicted cancellation dates for several calls are marked on my calendar.

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