The K1EL WinKeyer2 USB kit was a slam dunk

It only took a little over two hours of careful building to complete my new K1EL WinKeyer USB. The high quality PC board made assembly very easy because the pads were tinned so well. My only complaint is that the box lacked attention to little details but that does not detract from how well these keyers work. I had to file off some of the powder coat to get the USB and key connectors through the back of the box and the silk-screened lettering on the front is misaligned. The, “Speed,” label ended up behind the speed pot knob. I would say that the WinKeyer kit would be buildable by beginners. The part count is low and the hardest part, the surface mount chip, was already soldered to the board. The fit into the box is pretty tight so it is a good idea to use a soldering trick to get the connectors snug against the PC board. For a snug fit, solder only one lead or connector, push the part against the board with one finger, melt the one joint to move the part, then solder the rest of the leads. This technique makes a tidy circuit board and correctly positioned connectors. I do the same thing for electrolytic capacitors so that they stand up strait on the board.

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